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Hi guys! Long time no see. Sorry for the absence. College life sure is tough, but, "Nigecha dameda!"

Anyway, I noticed that some of the manga covers for Sadamoto-sensei's manga are from the English release, while others are from the Japanese release. So, I'd like to know your opinions whether they should be kept as they are, or make them from one of the two releases (the Japanese or the English).

For me, I suggest changing them to the Japanese cover since it's the original and I also have them stored in my PC (^_^).

--MTN1996 12:49, February 13, 2015 (UTC)
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TALK - The Beast is (not) shouting love this time-18:33, February 13, 2015 (UTC)Zeruel
Evangelion Unit 02 (Beast Mode)Oh, we all know how that is so don't worry, there's no need to apologize ^_^

Personally, i would support the use of the Japanese covers since they are the original ones. Or maybe we could edit the template so that it displays more than one cover. That way both versions would be properly represented.
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Welcome back, my friend ! Don't worry. We all have stuff to do in our everyday life !

I support the use of Japanese covers over the other ones too. Original is still the best.

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