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Failures of Infinity (インフィニティのなり損ないたち[?], "Infiniti no Narisokonaitach") are various headless red Evangelion Unit-01 bodies that appears in the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series.


Produced as a result of the Near Third Impact, the failures of infinity, also known as "the walkers", are found in large numbers in various places including Tokyo-3, the ruins of NERV Command and in Central Dogma among many others.

The majority if not all lack heads, have crystalline shoulder pylons and wires sticking from their necks. Their hands are usually reaching towards the sky, and all of them are frozen in place, as if stuck in time. They line the walls of Central Dogma, right about the Second Angel Lilith's mask. Hundreds were thrown into the air during Fourth Impact. All Failures of Infinity shines red in material similar to that of a Core. Several Failures of Infinity are around in the access tunnel to Central Dogma. This shows that they do not have an internal structure, except humanoid bones that can be seen from outside, but only a uniform red color. However, Failures of Infinity are clearly not statues and are anatomically articulated. You can see this when they fly in the air during the Fourth Impact.


Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

At his request, Kaworu Nagisa takes Shinji Ikari to see the post Third Impact world. After walking down a dangerous path outside of NERV headquarters, the two see the failures of infinity scattered across the landscape as Kaworu tells Shinji about the Human Instrumentality Project. These failures are all completely stationary, many of which are in odd, twisted poses with large, crystalline spikes coming off their shoulders.

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

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Kensuke Aida claims that some Failures of Infinity lately have been getting up and walking. He monitors and calls them Wanderers. Later they all turn purple as the ritual continues and during the Additional Impact turns into a womanly naked human body that are able to fly.


  • The script refers to Tokyo-3 with the term Suspension of Activity (活動 停止[?], "katsudou teishi"), which in a biological term could mean a state of torpor.