A spoiler is a piece of information which is not commonly known and which does not appear in any publicly known material outside of the source itself, and the knowledge of which has the potential to ruin the enjoyment of a particular work. (Wikipedia: slang for any element of any summary or description of any piece of fiction that reveals any plot element which will give away the outcome of a dramatic episode within the work of fiction.)

NGE TV episode spoilers

Due to the series being over for several years, no content needs to be labelled as a spoiler from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime, nor its canon films (The End of Evangelion, etc.).

Manga spoilers

Manga spoilers must be tagged for no less than two weeks following the English print. If there is no English print version, nor is one planned, the deadline will instead be two weeks from the Japanese print.

Film spoilers

Film spoilers, notably the Rebuild series, must be tagged for no less than two weeks following the Japanese retail release.

Small spin-off series

Small spin-offs of Evangelion, such as Petit Eva, do not require spoiler tags.

Spoiler tags

Any section of an article in which sensitive information about spoilers is kept should be surrounded in {{spoiler}} / {{spoilerend}} tags. These mask the text and let the reader know that the content may contain spoilers.

Spoilers tags must be placed around any content which is considered spoilers. It must be left there until a certain time has passed since the publication which revealed it (see above for each type of spoiler), at which time it should be removed.


These sections contain spoilers pertaining to new or unreleased content. Read ahead at your own risk!

The year is 2015, 15 years after the first disastrous contact with the mysterious beings known as Angels resulted in the global cataclysm referred to as the Second Impact, which wiped out half of the human race. To defend humanity against future Angel attacks, the United Nations established the NERV organization in Tokyo-3 to develop giant bio-mechanical mecha known as Evangelions. Now, the Angels have finally returned, and the untested Evangelions can only be piloted by specially selected 14 year olds. Shinji Ikari, estranged son of the director of Nerv, Commander Gendo Ikari, arrives in Tokyo-3 and is dragooned into piloting Evangelion Unit-01 to fight the Angel, Sachiel, which is attacking the city.

Spoilers end here.