Begun on March 16th, 2006, the Neon Genesis Evangelion Wiki has since grown to 687 articles, and covers multiple aspects of the Evangelion universe, including the Rebuild of Evangelion films, the series of manga endorsed by Gainax, games, merchandise, and other publications.

Articles content includes character information, Evangelions operating history, in-depth information on the series' many concepts, and all relevant information. The wiki aims to be as professional as possible as it strives to be the biggest Evangelion encyclopedia on the internet. Evangelion Wiki has forums and blogs for everyone to participate in and discuss anything they like.

Philosophy[edit source]

Evangelion is a very mysterious, personal series. Many things in the series are open to interpretation, or have origins left unexplained. Evangelion Wiki is edited by fans, for fans. Fans tend to hold varying beliefs and opinions about the series. While there are given facts in the series, there is also a lot of mystery in the series. The wiki should never be used in a manner which tries to impose various beliefs on the reader, or else it risks being biased. The wiki should try to be as general and neutral as possible, and debates should always be respectful and dealt with accordingly.

It should also be noted that wiki is an unofficial fansite, which has been edited by hundreds of visitors. Just because one user edits an article, it doesn't necessarily represent the view of the entire community of the wiki. Information added to the wiki always has the potential to be incorrect, however, the success of the wiki is also built upon this risk-taking and learning.

Sources[edit source]

Where does Evangelion Wiki gets its information?

  • The primary information source are the publications themselves (i.e the anime, the manga, the movies).
  • Official databooks published by Gainax.

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