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Unit-01 alongside standard Evangelion weaponry and equipments

A wide array of weapons are used by Evangelion units throughout the course of the different continuities they appear. Although designed to help the Evangelions in their fights against the Angels, these standard weapons have generally unpredictable results, as they are merely Evangelion-sized versions of standard human weapons (most of whom have little effect other than making the target mad).

Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion Melee Weapons

Progressive Knife

Unit-01 Progressive Knife

(プログレッシブ・ナイフ). A combat knife contained inside the left shoulder pylon of an Evangelion who uses it, and is one of the Evas' basic weapons. The blade of the knife vibrates at an extremely high frequency,[1] increasing its cutting sharpness to the point that it can cut through the target at a molecular level. It is strong enough to pierce an Angel's core with little trouble. Unit-02 has two progressive knives equipped.

Unit-01 Progressive Knife Lineart

  • Unit-01's Progressive Knife is in the form of a simple Bowie knife.
  • Unit-00, in its initial form, had no pylons and possibly lacked a knife. However, it was provided with one during its reconstruction, and its knife was seen only once, for a short moment in Episode 12; Unit-00' 's Prog Knife resembles Unit-01's.

Unit-02 Progressive Knife

  • Unit-02's Progressive Knife is a more advanced version, which is in the form identical to that of a utility knife: if the current blade is damaged or broken off, a new one will extend from the handle to take its place. In the main series it seems to be automatic while in End of Evangelion Unit-02 seems to use its thumb to push out the new blade.

No other Evangelions other than Unit-00', Unit-01, and Unit-02 are ever seen using Progressive Knives (in non-canon materials, including video games or model kits, Unit-03 and Unit-04 are seen utilizing the same Progressive Knife as Unit-01).

Sonic Glaive

Sonic Glaive Concept design by Hideaki Anno.

(ソニック・グレイブ). A spear-like weapon used to slice Israfel in half in Episode 09. It also appears in Episode 19, but isn't used. In real life, a glaive is a spear shaft containing a knife at the end rather than a spearhead. This may mean it's based on the same engineering as a Progressive Knife, but with an extended range.

Smash Hawk

(スマッシュホーク). An axe-like weapon, being able to be held with either one or two hands. Unit-02 sortied with it in Episode 16, but doesn't use it in combat against an Angel, instead using it to climb onto a sinking building. Also maybe based on the Progressive Knife engineering, utilizing sonic vibrations to strengthen the sharpness of the blade with it being of a shorter length than the "Sonic Glaive" spear, but containing a wider blade for greater damage.

Spear of Longinus

Lance of Longinus2.png

While not a weapon per se, the Spear of Longinus is frequently used as a weapon across various Evangelion Media. The first occurrence of this is when Unit-00' uses the spear to defeat Arael, easily breaking through the angels AT-Field and removing the angel from existence upon impact.

Heavy Spear/Replica Spear of Longinus

Mass Production Evangelion Holding Giant Sword

Used by the Mass Production Evangelion against Evangelion Unit-02, the giant swords are actually masked replicas of the Spear of Longinus and are able to transform to from sword form to spear form as needed. While in sword form, they are extremely heavy and have the ability to cleanly dismember Evangelion in a single swing.

Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion Ranged Weapons

Pallet Rifle

Pallet Rifle in Episode 11.

(パレットガン). Sometimes alternatively called Pallet Gun, it is the standard-issue rifle used by Evangelion units. It resembles a Steyr ACR.[2][3] This giant automatic rifle is proportionately sized to match the Evangelions, so it can wield the rifle just as a human would use a conventional assault rifle. The Pallet Gun is seen in Episodes:

  • 03: Unit-01 against Shamshel; ineffective.
  • 09: Unit-01 against Israfel (ineffective), then as part of synchronized attack.
  • 11: Unit-01 against Matarael; mortal blow.
  • 18: Unit-00 and Unit-01 both sortied with; used by neither
  • 19: Unit-02 against Zeruel, dual-wielded; ineffective.
  • 23: Unit-01 sortied with; not used.

It is unknown why this weapon is referred as a "Pallet" Gun. Bonus materials and production notes don't explain the naming either, but do refer to it directly as such.


(ハンドガン). Resembles a Desert Eagle Mark XIX. Used by Unit-01 against Leliel in Episode 16 but it is ineffective.

Sniper Rifle

Evangelion Unit-00 with Sniper Rifle

(スナイパーライフル). Unit-00's weapon of choice, modeled on the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum.[4]

  • 16: Unit-00 against Leliel; doesn't contact.
  • 23: Unit-00 against Armisael; ineffective.


Unit-02 Holding Bazooka


  • 18: Unit-02 sortied with; not used.

Hand Bazooka

Unit-02 Dual Wielding Hand Bazookas

  • 19: Unit-02 against Zeruel, dual-wielded; ineffective.

Positron Rifle

Panoramic Edit of the Positron Rifle from Episode 6

(ポジトロンライフル). The Positron Rifle (Prototype 20 with Toroidal Accelerator) is a shoulder-mounted (the shoulder pylon of the equipped arm is extracted). Can fire rounds into low Earth-orbit, though the power of the shots lowers to being ineffective from a long range. Not a very mobile weapon either since it requires an external power cable to power its function. It still uses a finite amount of ammunition, about 8 rounds.

  • 06: Seen but not used.
  • 09: Unit-02 against Israfel; limited effect or ineffective.
  • 22: Unit-02 against Arael; doesn't contact. (Design is slightly altered in this episode)

Positron Sniper Rifle

Panoramic Edit of Unit-01 Using Positron Sniper Rifle

A prototype, originally requisitioned from the JSSDF's R&D labs, where it was known as the SDF's Automated Positron Rifle.

  • 06: Unit-01 against Ramiel; mortal blow.

An upgraded, modified, or Eva-specific version of the weapon is used against Ramiel.

  • 22: Unit-00 against Arael; ineffective due to range and power limitations.

Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion Other Weapons

Lightscreen Weapon

Lightscreen used to split Israfel

A special weapon used b Evangelion Unit-01 and Evangelion Unit-02 to split Israfel during their rematch. This weapon is made of two separate poles which once deployed form some sort of light screen between them which was able to split Israfel in two. For storage, the poles were collapsed into units which vaguely resemble the stored state of Unit-02's progressive knife. Each Evangelion unit carried one unit below their wrist.

Rebuild of Evangelion Melee Weapons

PKN-01C Progressive Knife[5]

Unit-01's Progressive Knife in Rebuild of Evangelion

Appears in Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, used by Unit-01. Unlike its television version, this close-in melee weapon has a slightly-altered blade shape, but similar to a jackknife, the weapon can be creased and stored into the left shoulder pylon.

Also appearing in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, each of NERV's four-limbed robots wield replica PKN-01C Progressive knives against New Unit-02α and Unit-08γ.

GB-012 Evangelion Custom Electrical Discharge Portable Ordinance "Thunder Spear"[6]

Thunder Spear

Appears in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. It is used by Mari in Unit-02 when she confronts the Tenth Angel. It resembles a rifle with a blade instead of a barrel. It was designed by Ikuto Yamashita.

Spear of Cassius

Eva-01 pierced by Cassius.png

Similarly to the spear of Longinus, while not explicitly a weapon the Spear of Cassius is often shown being used as a weapon, most notably by Mark.06 to prevent near third impact and by Unit-01 against Evangelion 13.

Double-Bladed Spear


Appears in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, used by Unit-02'γ against Evangelion 13. It can separate into two swords. It slices through Evangelion 13's RS Hoppers with little effort but is unable to harm the Evangelion itself.


Mark.09 Scythe.png

Used by Mark.09 in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. It is taller than a common Evangelion. Mark.09 uses it against Unit-02'γ and decapitates Mark.06 to release the sealed Twelfth Angel.

Curved Blade Weapon


Used by Evangelion Unit-02 (Rebuild)/New Unit-02α during Operation Yamato. Originally seen in a collapsed state, the blade on this weapon is able to fold into itself in a similar way to Unit-01's progressive knife for storage.

Anti-Material Circular Saw


Anti-Material Circular Saw (アンチマテリアル丸ノコ[?]) is a weapon recovered from Euro-NERV during the Paris Assault Mission, this weapon is used by both Evangelion Unit-08/Unit-08γ and Evangelion Unit-02 (Rebuild)/New Unit-02α during Operation Yamato. Initially seen in a staff configuration, the weapon is later split in half to be used as as two hatchet style weapons.

Rebuild of Evangelion Ranged Weapons

EM-226 Evangelion Portable Revolving Multi-Barrel Machine Gun[7]

Unit-01 armed with the Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun (ガトリングガン): Appears in Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone. A massive Gatling gun, utilized by Unit-01 against Fifth Angel. When fired, this weapon drops a enormous amount of shell casings that crushed several vehicles on the ground. However, it deals no visible damage to the Angel.

  • Official Designation: EM-226 Evangelion Portable Revolving Multi-Barrel Machine Gun[8] or EM-226 440mm Gatling Gun
  • Caliber: 440mm

Type MM-99 209mm AU Assault Rifle[9]

First appears in Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone. Essentially the same weapon as the Pallet Rifle, it is brought up for use against Fifth Angel but not taken. Wielded again by Unit-01 against the Ninth Angel in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, but not used. Finally, Unit-02 uses two of these rifles against the Tenth Angel, successfully in breaking some of the Angel's A.T. Field layers.

  • Official Designation: Type MM-99 Evangelion Large Caliber Rifle / AU Assault Rifle [10] or Type MM-99 209mm AU Assault Rifle
  • Caliber: 209mm

2nd Experimental High Power Self-Propelled 460mm Positron Cannon[11]

2nd Experimental High Power Self-Propelled 460mm Positron Cannon.png

Weapon mounted in a treaded machinery, it is used against the Sixth Angel. This weapon uses Japan's whole electricity supply as its power source. A variant of it is installed as a part of Evangelion Mark.4444C, stated to be a ground type, with power supplied by multiple Mark.44Bs. .

MM-144 Evangelion Custom Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow[12]

Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow MM-144

Appears only in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. Utilized by Unit-02 against the Seventh Angel.

As originally conceived, the weapon would use the Evangelions's A.T. Field to launch its projectiles. However, it was altered to electromagnetic propulsion during Evangelion 2.0's post-production.[13]

  • Official Designation: MM-144 Evangelion Custom Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow
  • German Designation: Überelektromagnetische Armbrust MM-144

Sniper Rifle


Appears in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, used by Unit-08 (both in α and β configuration). It can either be loaded with regular or special Anti-A.T. Field ammunition, special bullets that can break through any A.T. Field but this can't harm Evangelion 13 since it lacks one entirely. Bullets don't deal any visible damage to both Mark.09 and Evangelion 13, but some shots fired against Mark.09 do display firepower that knock it down.



Appears in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, used by Unit-08β. It is basically a Evangelion-sized handgun; despite its relatively lower firepower, it is still able to destroy Mark.09's head when arriving to retrieve Shinji.

Dual Chain Guns


Used by Unit-08β during the Paris Assault Mission to fight off a colony of feral Evangelion Mark.44A. After extensive use, the barrels suffered from overheating causing the guns to stop working at which point the guns were ejected from the arms.

Gatling Gun


Used by New Unit-02α during Operation Yamato.

Wire Whip

Unit-08y Using Wire Whip Weapon

Used by Unit-08γ during Operation Yamato.

Rebuild of Evangelion Other Weapons

Enchanted Shield of Virtue[14]

Enchanted Shield of Virtue

Wielded by Evangelion Unit-00 during Operation Yashima, is used to protect Unit-01 against the Sixth Angel. It would reappear later in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time. used in the hulls of multiple ships as another layer of protection against Evangelion Mark.4444C. Unlike the TV Series counterpart, that was a specially converted "shield" made from the heat shield on the underside of an SSTO spacecraft. The design of this shield is more shield like, with 4 handles around the interior, a pylon near the ground and a little window that can slide in and out for maximum protection. The logo is written in two laterals and in the interior part near the pylon. It was designed by Ikuto Yamashita.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA Melee Weapons

Bizen Osafune

Bizen Osafune Black and White.png

Bizen Osafune (ビゼンオサフネ[?]) is a two handed sword used by Evangelion Unit-02 Type II. It was developed from the Magorox, it is able to deploy the A.T. Field on the blade. Originally it was developed as a special equipment for Unit-02 Type II, but was also later adopted as the weapon by Super Evangelion and Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica.

Magorox Exterminate Sword B-Stage

Magorox Sword Stage B.png

Also know as SLR-Magorox[15]. While the first Magorox was just a metal sword, the B-Stage Magorox's blade is infused with A.T. Field, making it able to penetrate enemies' A.T. Field.

Counter Sword Stage 2

Developed at the same time as the Magoroku Exterminate Sword Stage 2, the Counter Sword Stage 2 is exactly what its name suggests: a enhanced version of the regular Counter Sword. It is A.T. Field-enhanced.

SRM-61A Field Penetrator A.K.A Kesara


One of a pair of Field Penetrator swords. Generates a special A.T. Field that can be tuned to penetrate a target's Field. Like the Vertex wings, the sword utilizes experimental field-induction elements. The arrangement of those elements affects the sword's field pattern. The sword is stored in a pylon capable of "baking in" specific arrangements. The shape of the sword slightly differs from that of its twin, the SRM-62b (Basara).



Weapon utilized by Super Evangelion.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA Ranged Weapons

New Type Pallet Rifle "Powered 8"

Powered 8

The old Pallet rifle was inefficient against the Angels, as its bullet movement energy was only 60 megajoules. This new Pallet Rifle, the "Powered 8", is updated with railgun-based technology to be more efficient. It was also researched to develop a long barrel type Pallet Rifle which would shoot A.T. Field to penetrate enemies' A.T. Field. It can be attached to various rail systems in different places of Evangelions like Super Evangelion or Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica.

KEG-46R Yamato Rebuild

Yamato Rebuild

A stand-alone cannon with high-explosive ammunition. The barrel had once belonged to the Yamato warship, but now it is like a pistol in the hands of Super Evangelion. Each shell weights 1 ton and the speed of the bullet when fired is roughly twice the speed of sound.[16]

EXW-038 Guided Artillery Cannon Neyarl

EXW-038 Guided Artillery Cannon Neyarl.png

(ナイアール砲) A mounted cannon in Super Evangelion shoulder pylons.


An eighty-centimeter armor-piercing cannon, a gigantic weapon wielded by Evangelion EURO-II Heurtebise during the conflict in Novaya Zemlya against the Torwarts and Angel Carriers. It weights 550 tons.


Super Evangelion holding Azumaterasu.png

(大弓アズマテラス) A relic found near the Chronostatic Sphere, it is able to fire a powerful shot that destroyed a giant part of the Moon's detached landmass as it fall towards Earth, but shortly turns Super Evangelion to salt after it's usage. It is also called as Sacrilegus by SEELE.

Angel's Backbone

Angel's Backbone (天使の背骨[?]) is a weapon utilized by Evangelion Unit-00 Type F.

Devil's Backbone

Devil's Backbone

Devil's Backbone (悪魔の背骨[?]) is a Field Piercer Weapon utilized by Evangelion EURO-II Heurtebise. Looking like a dragon's head, plated with scales. It amputated Evangelion Unit-0.0 arm corrupted with the Q.R. Signum and consumed it.[17]Hikari had permission to fire the Devil's Backbone against the falling Yomotsu Hirasaka. It is stated by Hikari that it has a sleep mode and when activated, an ominous chill affected Rei Six. "Have you ever cursed the day you were born?" The weapon was built from an Evangelion spine and the sorrow could be felt by those near it. Upon firing at Torwart A, the output far exceeded the Angel's Backbone, it caused Torwart A's body to spasm and squirm, when an event horizon appeared in its chest, producing a micro black hole that devoured it. Hikari fired it again at Torwart B, but only managed to destroy its left arm as it was still attacked by Heurtebise and Type F. The Devil's Backbone was an EVA that had the four member amputated and cursed to only fire powerful consuming fields out of its mouth. Hikari in terror, kept firing against the giant Armaros. As it kept firing micro black holes at it, Armaros noticed it but was soon consumed by it, leaving only its feet. [18]

Other Continuities

Shinigami's Backbone

Illustration by Ikuto Yamashita

Shinigami's Backbone (死神の背骨[?], "Shinigami no sebone") also known as Spine of the Death God is a weapon featured in the book Sore o Nasumono: Neon Genesis Evangelion Concept Design Works, in the original movie plot written by Ikuto Yamashita and Kio Seiji.It is described as a Sinking-Type Equipment Universal Invasion Gun (Field Sinker). This new type of corrosive A.T. Field worked by ways of a guaranteed-to-hit heavy particle bullet, which, when used against enemies with current A.T. Field capacity, would almost always find its target with terrible speed[19] [20]

Shinigami's Backbone.png

The concept of this weapon was later reused in the Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA novel series, in the form of Angel's Backbone and Devil's Backbone.

Magoroku Exterminate Sword

Unit-01 unsheathing the Magorox

Magoroku Exterminate Sword (マゴロク・エクスターミネートソード[?]), sometimes it is shorten as "Magoroku-E Sword" or "Magorox" (マゴロックス). Designed for the show by Ikuto Yamashita, but never used (it is in some production art and included with some models, though). It is a long sword for Unit-01's use. A dedicated scabbard for the Magorox can be attached to the left shoulder pylon of Unit-01 for storage. The shape of the blade resembles a katana.

Counter Sword

Counter Sword at left and Magoroku at right

Counter Sword (カウンターソード[?]) is a weapon designed by Ikuto Yamashita, appearing in production artworks and included with some models. It is essentially a shortened version of the Magorox designed mainly, true to its name, for defensive purpose. As for the Magorox, a dedicated scabbard for the Counter Sword can be attached to Unit-01's left shoulder pylon for storage.

Dual Saw

Artwork of the Dual Saw by Yamashita

(大型破砕兵器デュアルソー). Designed by Ikuto Yamashita for Neon Genesis Evangelion 2. Appears in the manga. It is used by Kaworu in Unit-02 against Armisael. The Dual Saw is exactly what it's title states: a chainsaw with two blades placed beside each other. According to its description, this weapon is so big that "cutting" isn't the proper term to describe its action but "shredding" would be more fitting.

Evangelion Unit-00 utilizes it in Super Robot Wars DD game.


A javelin-like weapon appearing in multiple official illustrations, but no other related media.

A.W. Mastema

A.W. Mastema

(全領域兵器マステマ). First appearing in the Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 game and then appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA, the All-range Weapon Mastema is named for a fallen angel said to have wrought much suffering on the human race. It can be used as a missile launcher, as a gun or as a gunblade, allowing this multi-weapon to serve well in both close-range and distance combat. It's limited to firing N² missiles, which on account of their limited power output can even be used on front lines without UN approval. As a large weapon, its surprisingly lightweight, ans the convenience of being able t carry large quantities of ordnance makes it an appealing choice.

In Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 game, it is featured as a usable weapon in Evangelion Unit-01 Type F's moveset. It was utilized as three attacks, N² missile variant being the strongest.


Used by Evangelion Unit-04 during the EVANGELION THE REAL 4D 2.0, the rapidborers are melee weapons fit to the units elbows which shift down to the hands for use via rails.


Recoiless Rifle

METAL BUILD Recoiless Rifle.png

(無反動砲) It was included in the release of METAL BUILD EVANGELION 00 PROTO TYPE/Unit 00', released in May 2022. It is a recoiless rifle designed by Ikuto Yamashita. It is described to be a non-recoil rifle that can be attached to the shoulder and thighs pylons of the figures.

Thunder Spear

METAL BUILD Thunder Spear.jpg

(サンダースピア) It was included in the METAL BUILD EVA-02 Production Model, released in November 2019. It is a redesigned version of GB-012 Evangelion Custom Electrical Discharge Portable Ordinance "Thunder Spear".

Retractable Progressive Knife

METAL BUILD Unit-02 Retractable Progressive Knife.png

(折刃式プログレッシブナイフ) It was included in the METAL BUILD EVA-02 Production Model, released in November 2019.

Needle Launcher

METAL BUILD Unit-02 Retractable Progressive Knife.png

(ニードルランチャー) It was included in the METAL BUILD EVA-02 Production Model, released in November 2019. A weapon that is equipped around the shoulder pylons that can be used to launch needles. It is honeycomb-shaped unlike the original Needle Launcher that was inside the shoulder pylon.

Pallet Rifle

METAL BUILD Unit-01 Pallet Rifle.png

(パレットライフル) It was included in the METAL BUILD EVA-01 Test Type, released in February 2019. It is a redesigned Pallet Rifle that unlike the original design, can be altered with extra equipment, like a longer barrel, a grenade launcher, a bayonet. The weapon also have removable magazine.

Hand Gun

METAL BUILD Unit-01 Handgun.png

(ハンドガン) It was included in the METAL BUILD EVA-01 Test Type, released in February 2019. It is hand gun that can be cocked back, have a removable magazine and can also be attached to the various hardpoints.

Evangelion Battlefields Melee Weapons

One Handed Weapons

Polearm Type Weapons

Other Melee Weapons

Evangelion Battlefields Ranged Weapons

Pistol Type Weapons

Machine Gun Type Weapons

Rifle Type Weapons

Shotgun Type Weapons

Crossbow Type Weapons

Bazooka & Launcher Type Weapons


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