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Evangelion Production Model-08γ (汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 超極限空間対応用特殊装備追加可能型 改8号機γ[?]) lit. General-purpose human-type decisive battle weapon Android Evangelion Special Equipment for Extreme Space Adaption Supplementable Unit-08 Gamma is an Evangelion Unit belonging to the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. It is an Evangelion unit introduced in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time. The unit is piloted by Mari Makinami Illustrious and is part of the WILLE organization.


Being a direct upgrade of the Evangelion Unit-08β, Evangelion Unit-08γ shares much of its design with it's predecessor including its striking bright pink with orange and white highlights, its eight eyed mask and it's overall general humanoid form which it shares with most of the other main line Evangelion units. It is also known as being updated with Terminal Absolute Field Space Operations Specialized Equipment Compliant Improved.

Despite its similarities, the Unit-08γ also has some clear distinctions. While it's color pattern is very similar to it's previous version, the Unit-08γ is missing the small green highlights and sports an overall darker, or at least more contrasting color scheme featuring more black on the arms and knees. Additionally, the Unit-08γ has a very different and significantly slimmer armor compared to the unit-08β. The Unit-08γ's arms are completely devoid of armor and the armor on the front of the thighs have been pulled closer to the leg resulting in a sharper, more triangular look. The top of the leg armor is pulled towards the hips and a recessed orange armor plate is now present.

One area where the armor has drastically changed is on the torso. While the color layout is mostly the same, the armor plates are entirely different with the plates on the Unit-08γ being far more segmented with clear gaps between the plates contributing to a slimmer look. One area where the unit has not been slimmed down is the orange sections on the chest plate which are now larger and protrude more from the central pink armor plate.

The unit also possesses ankle guards, something which was seen on the Unit-08α before being removed from the Unit-08β.


One of the most prominent pieces of equipment used by the Unit-08γ is the Evangelion Production Model-08γ IRUL Spec. (Improvised Reinforced Upper Limb Specification). They serve as arm braces for the unit to both protect and add strength to the arms.

Unit-08γ in a state of overlap.

Unit-08γ also possesses overlap compatibility allowing it to overlap with other Evangelion units. When active, the unit shares many of the traits of berserk units as its eyes glow red and its jaw open unveiling the units mouth. Furthermore, the face armor also opens up exposing the face of the unit.

Finally, the unit is equipped with the dragon carrier, a backpack of sorts which holds a wide variety of both melee and ranged weapons stored into these containers, like a train. Weapons stored in the pack include a relatively small curved blade, a pallet rifle with a progressive knife attached like a bayonet, a circular saw on each end possessing the ability to split into two halves and a whip with a bright pink, glowing beam at the end. There is a decal with Hakone Express written on it.

After consuming the Vessel of the Adams, it is shown being able to fire beams, create powerful A.T. Field attacks, fly without any support equipment and being able to travel inside the Minus Space.


Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

Evangelion Production Model-08γ (汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 超極限空間対応用特殊装備追加可能型 改8号機γ 両腕暫定的補強仕様[?]) is the repaired form of Unit-08 made using parts from the Euro-NERV facility, in Paris, France.

Unit-08γ using whip weapon against arm units above Nerv HQ

The complete unit is first seen during the events of Operation Yamato. During this mission, Unit-08γ along with New Unit-02α descended onto NERV HQ in order to prevent the activation of Evangelion 13. During the descent, Unit-08γ supported New Unit-02α by providing a series of weapons including the small blade weapon and the double sided rotary blade staff which were used to clear through the path of Evangelion Mark.07. Eventually when the amount of Mark.07 was high enough, both units used the A.T. Field to create a piercing drill that won against the gigantic drill made out of Mark.07's.

Upon landing on NERV HQ the Evangelions were met by an army of Arm Units, Mari orders Asuka to go further with the plan of incapacitating the Evangelion 13, using a whip with a beam to fend off and attack multiple Arm Units. During the battle, the enemy self-destructed, leaving the left arm severely damaged. Unit-08γ kept fighting the Arm Units, but upon the realization of Asuka's plan to become an Angel, three Arm Units in a joint attack, self-destruct it, removing the right arm.

Upon realizing that there was nothing she could do, Mari, leaves the old NERV HQ, that is destroyed by the Black Moon converted spears. As Mark.09-A is busy taking over the AAA Wunder, Mari sneak attacks it by pouncing on it back, removing the face armor to reveal a humanoid mouth that bites and rips the right arm of the NERV Evangelion. Using the mouth, it reattaches to the right side, altering any signs of the old arm into a new arm, without the IRUL parts. Using it new arm, Mari pins it down and bites through it neck, devouring it, becoming the Evangelion Unit-08 + 09, attaining a halo over the shoulders. Now able to move through space, it flies back to Wunder, where Mari takes Shinji into the Doors of Guf.

Since Unit-08γ was equipped with overlapping-compliant and has acquired a Vessel of the Adams, it is able to travel inside the Minus Space. There Mari delivers Shinji back into Unit-01 which was with Rei Ayanami. Upon leaving Kōzō Fuyutsuki's ship, Mari gets back inside the Unit-08γ and is seen between the three remaining EVA Opfer Type, Mark.10 opens it mask, and unleashes two beams. Unit-08γ evades the attacks and closes the distance between them, pinning it down on the hull of the ship and consuming its head furthering the overlap process. Unit-08γ grows a new arm, and it uses its A.T. Field to launch an attack in the shape of an eight-eye beast that bites half of Mark.11, changing the color of the A.T. Field from pink to blue, leaving behind only the legs of Mark.11. Unit-08γ later appears with all four halos indicating it had overlapped Mark.12 as well and uses the beam power acquired to sinks the 3 NERV ships, referring it as Adams. It has become Evangelion Unit-08 + 09 + 10 + 11 + 12.

After that, Mari is seen alongside Wunder as it pierces Evangelion Imaginary's hands and eyes, carrying Spear of Gaius inside the Minus Space, delivering it to Shinji. It is last seen when it emerges from the beach, Mari says goodbye to the Final Evangelion as it disappears from the world.


Evangelion Production Model Custom Type-08 Strike Concept Design Ikuto Yamashita.jpg
  • One of the concept designs was revealed, dated from 2017 was to be a Strike Support Unit, having the torso to be attached in front of a double threaded tank with various weapons around the body.