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Evangelion Unit-04 (Rapidborer Equipment) (4号機 (ラピットボーラー装備)[?]) is an Evangelion unit used in the Universal Studios Japan EVANGELION THE REAL 4D 2.0 2016 attraction. It was piloted by Mari Makinami Illustrious as a stand in for the public in the attraction.


Unit-04 colors are mainly silver with red, dark grey, black and white details. Its head greatly resembles Unit-03's, the head color is mainly gray with red markings, a pattern that will repeat across different parts of the body, unlike any other Evangelion. It bears a oversized forehead piece which shares the same color as the rest of the head. Its eyes are yellow and its neck is a light brown, color that is the same as some parts of the arms. The torso armor includes some red and white details like tattoos over the plates. In the arms, the diamond-shaped shoulder pieces are white, black and yellow. Aside from that, the Eva bears the same type of armor as the two previous Production Models. This includes several V-shaped armor plates on the torso and reduced shoulder pylons when compared to Unit-01's.


  • Rapidborer is a short distance weapon attached to Unit-04 elbow protuberances that can move by a rail system and equips to the hand. It also uses a 3 drill system that rotates guided by 3 laser pointer of green light.
  • Beast Mode, Unit-04 in its Beast Mode, the arms becomes wings. The silver rear plate armor above the red central plate armor is released to become parts of the wings. When Beast Mode is activated, 3 pylons inside the rapidborer are released externally and the transformation happens inside the borer, which is expelled later as the new transformed arms blooms like a flower, fully transformed. The wings are similar to bat wings, but still possessing three claws. It flies by emitting Absolute Terror Field.


In the EVANGELION THE REAL 4D 2.0, an alternate end of the battle against the Tenth Angel in the movie Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, Mari Makinami Illustrious acts as its pilot. It fights alongside Unit-00, Unit-01, Unit-02, in different roles like using the rifle to support Asuka penetrate the Tenth Angel with the progressive knife. Mari (and the audience) equips the rapidborer to attacks the angel, pummeling it with successive attacks until it takes damage and malfunctions. As this happens, Mari activates the Beast Mode, flying to the sky and seeing the reflection on the water of its design. Mari attempts an aerial attack but is defeated by the angel. Mari berates Shinji on the Unit-01 that somehow activates and the events are similar to what happens at the climax of Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, finishing the ride.[1]

Other Media

Neon Genesis Evangelion ~Rebirth of Angels~

In this pachinko based on the TV anime series and The End of Evangelion, the Evangelion Unit-04 is seen with the TV design and its color separation, unlike the one in the EVANGELION THE REAL 4D 2.0 2016 attraction.


  • An exclusive Kaiyodo Legacy Of Revoltech EX figure of Unit was sold exclusively at Universal Studios Japan during the period of the attraction in the stores.
  • It also appears in collaborations with Evangelion in the games: Unison League, Summon Boards.

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