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Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica (エヴァンゲリオン弐号機II式・アレゴリカ[?]) is a unit appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA. It is Evangelion Unit-02 Type II with the UX-1 Allegorica equipment. It is piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu.


Also known by Unlimited Flight Type Reconnaissance-in-Force Spec Evangelion Unit-02 UX-1 Allegorica. The equipped N2 thrusters only assist in flight: lift is primarily achieved via the wings slits, which contain a series of artificial tidal fields that create an imbalance in the gravitational pull on the wing's surface.[1]

The two rear legs and a body like a centaur added bulk that would help the Evangelion remain stable during the long distance flight. Two large wings were also given to Unit-02 Type II, giving for the first time, the ability to fly. Additional N2 thrusters were placed in the end of each wing to provide propulsion, given enough skill, the usage of propellant would be zero. Two-phase contrast power generators protruded from the wingtips, when extending the A.T. Field, these generators can draw power from the phase differential between the space inside the field and out, regenerating the energy used. [2]

It was powered by a N2 reactor that generated gravitons, one of the most cutting-edge technologies which can produce hundred of tidal fields, that in conjunction within artificial-diamond slits to elevate the effect.


  • UX-1 Allegorica

It generates the graviton field, by using the quantum mirror bending the gravity to allow it to fly.

  • Powered 8 Long Barrel Type
  • Magorox Counter Sword Stage 2

It is stored in its left wing's pylon.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

Asuka piloting the Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica and Rei Cinq was reassigneded to pilot the Rei Six's Evangelion Unit-0.0 in a reconnaissance mission on the Moon to look for signs of Armaros. The plan was the idea of the European members of UN Security Council since they were the who suffered the most since the Longinus Curtain attack. Asuka was selected for this mission due to being the pilot with the highest synchronization and the most adept at A.T. Field generation.[3]

Unit-02 Type II Allegorica took flight from the launch pad located on the Lake Ashi and went up in the sky.[4] Rather than flying directly to the Moon, Unit-02 Type II Allegorica and Unit-0.0 increased their orbit gradually. Up there Asuka could see the effects of the Longinus Curtain on Earth, the idea that Earth was losing mass and the constants earthquakes were caused by the spear seemed imaginable. As it approached the Curtain, both girls raised the level of LCL to prepare for the impact. When near, both of them manifested their A.T. Field and connected with the barrier and got pushed out, altering their course. The force started to pull them in, but it wasn't gravity, because of this they couldn't use their A.T. Field to separate themselves from the barrier, but aside from the vibrations, the friction was near zero and they could move freely in two dimensions, along the inner surface of the sphere. Asuka used her progressive knife to pierce the area of contact between the Curtain and her A.T. Field. As this happened, she received the message that the Spear of Longinus had changed its course towards them. After this, the Curtain shook without warning, altering their trajectory and had to slid across the barrier until it started to stabilize again. Having trouble with the position and the rapid approach of the Spear of Longinus, both Units attacked joined themselves as Unit-02 attacked with the knife and the Unit-0.0 placed her left hand behind Unit-02's shoulder and fired backwards with its Field Stepping Booster. Rei Cinq focused her A.T. Field onto the tip of the massive gamma-ray laser cannon in the right hand of her unit and worked at widening the small hole Unit-02 had opened before. As it continued to open the hole, the Unit-0.0's S² Engine output was increasing without stopping, the risk of explosion was imminent and they wondered what they should do to complete the mission. Before any decision could be had, the head of a Mass Production Evangelion with Rei Cinq's entry plug in its mouth appeared out of the Unit-0.0's S² Engine spine. As it regenerated further, now having arms that reached out and broke Unit-0.0's neck. Realizing her situation, Rei Cinq thanked Asuka and projected a powerful A.T. Field, momentarily blasting a large hole in the Curtain, blasting Unit-02 inside. When Asuka felt the explosion and turned to see Cinq, she saw what was happening to Unit-0.0 and understood when the cross shaped explosion through the other side of the Curtain Unable to do anything, she cursed at the Moon as she lost a comrade.[5]

During the reconnaissance mission in the Moon, Asuka fought the Arael Carrier and managed to destroy one of its Q.R. Signum, but not completely destroy it and could sense the heart of Super Evangelion resonate with her own Evangelion.[6]As she tried to fix her entry plug problem with the filter that got clogged with her hair, she studied her oxygen, water and food supplies for the mission, realizing that the emergency life-support program to enter hibernation wasn't needed right now and could still manages to continue her mission.[7]

Unit-02's sensors picked strange vibrations in the ground and and when went do investigate, found a gigantic black sphere that was rising, like a dome from the ground, and together with it, Armaros was also present. Unit-02 was trembling in its presence, something that Asuka could also feel, and started trembling too, but used breathing exercises to maintain her control. She watched Armaros pick from the dome a giant burning of approximately 220 to 240 kilometres of diameter and placed in the Moon, causing another moonquake, destroying the area and scattering debris. Asuka realized that Armaros was taking mass from the Earth and putting in the Moon, diminishing it size and increasing the other, causing problems on Earth, all to make the Moon bigger. As she flees from the giant, without attempting a single attack on it, she picked up a distress signal and went into the direction.[8]Upon finding the signal, she found green military trucks, something that was unusual to the area, not knowing about the attack on Super Evangelion by Hikari and other powers using these trucks and quantum mirror waves to stop Shinji from getting up. Upon seeing it there was anybody inside it, she found the military uniforms and salt inside it and upon inspecting more, she found out that they were from Germany. [9]

In the near side of the Moon, she found a structure made of dark glass, that was partially buried in the lunar soil, by using her sensors to identify it, she saw the larval stage of Sandalphon, she thought that she found the structure that gave birth to Angels. The glowing drops that came from the larva fell and twenty-some white hands coming from the soil claimed them. Asuka took the Powered 8 railgun and attempted to shoot, but the hands vanished into the ground faster than she could act. Again, eight arms came back from the ground and revealing their bodies, showing that they had wings. Asuka managed to shoot them, but her bullet passem through them, without they even realizing. Upon this, she shoot again and again, now she realized that she couldn't hit them nor the structure, but this time the four Angel Carriers took notice of her, put their larvae inside their bellies and sank back to the ground. [10]

As Unit-02 ran across the lunar surface in direction of the structure, she could find a heavy magnetic field on the Moon, interfering with her equipment. She could feel a resistance in the area, something like a wind, pushing her Evangelion back. She pushed through galloping with her Unit in its direction, she changed her Powered 8 with the Magorox Sword and noticed the hands of Unit-02 shaking as it held the weapon. Upon attacking the structure, all repelling force was gone, the structure inside was completely dark. Inside it, she could feel something was there and heard the sound of a crowd, surrounding her Evangelion. As she flail her weapon and body against them without connecting until she hit the sword in the Allegorica right wing, making the N2 reactor go into emergency shutdown. Eventually she realized that the voices weren't outside, but inside the entry plug with her, and she realized that her body wasn't inside the entry plug and couldn't see her hands or legs. Asuka was becoming like the people around her, data, even inside the entry plug was beginning to lose its form. Eventually she found herself in a current, with pairs of every animal that ever existed, in the ocean she found whales, dinosaurs and dolphins and realizing the book inside the LCL, she shouted the name of the person who gave it to her. As she screamed for Shinji, she felt like waking up from a dream and asked what was this. The data responded that it was a mechanism that stored data every living creature and human being that walked the previous Earth up until 2,400 B.C. and would reduce the time for the next reset to 4400 years, making way for the preparations for the Instrumentality Project in a new world. As she was swept away again in the torrent, she realized that there weren't any birds there. As Asuka talked with the data, a powerful forced yanked her from the swirl. Unit-02 was melding with the data and Armaros and tore it from it with brute force. The rear legs of the Allegorica were ripped off at the hip, countless animals were dragged out with them, animals that were given form and died in the inhabitable environment of the moon's surface. Armaros threw Unit-02 into the sky, and groups of animals emerged from its arm, taking form before disappearing again. The overall shape of Unit-02 was changing into a four legged animal with arched back and howled, it looked like a monkey and she jumped, attacking Armaros, without the fear she and Unit-02 once felt. [11]

Armaros received the full power attack of reddish-black Unit-02, using their fangs to bit the Armaros' shoulders but as soon the giant fell, it sank back to the ground with it, vanishing from the Moon.[12]Both were send to the Valley of Human Bodies, where Misato, Shiji, Kensuke, Rei Trois, Hikari, Kaji-vessel and Rei Quatre were fighting each other or protecting themselves from the fight. Shinji, in a fit of rage went towards Armaros, as Unit-02 continued to lose its shape and slow its motions. [13]After Armaros defeated Super Evangelion, he left with the Earth part of the Ark, and the formless Unit-02 was left slowly losing the tenacity it once had, it was kneeling down, looking into the ground. Hikari in her Evangelion EURO-II Heurtebise approached it without any reaction from Unit-02.[14] Hikari after waking up from her drugged state, remember what happened with Kodama Horaki and in despair hugged Unit-02 muddied form, asking her to not leave her too. [15] Hikari continued to call for Asuka, and with each time, the clump made a tiny movement, or at least it was what she perceived it. Ignoring NERV Germany calls, she continued to ask for her friend. She was aware of Asuka's mother presence in her Evangelion and asked if she wanted to see Rei, Misato or Shinji ever again. She searched for Ikari in Super Evangelion and in attempt to revive him, tore out one of her Q.R. Signum and put inside the hole left by the gamma laser. Upon regaining his senses, he felt pain, Hikari fired one warning shot of her positron rifle to scare away the people attempting to touch the leftover of her friend. Unit-02 stood up, touching a rock and it became a gigantic protozoan to the shock of anyone in the area. The animal fell over and got crushed by its own weight, killing itself. And with each touch of Unit-02, another being turned from rock into a gigantic version of itself, each living being killed in a clumsy way the soldiers who attempted to grasp the Evangelion, turning the scene in total panic. Shinji watched saw a person in red running across the rocks and decided to go after with the Super Evangelion. Upon calling Asuka, the mud giant run away, and the rocks with each touch, again turned into gigantic beings, one gigantic trilobite, tried to eat the Super Eva and he fought against it. A giant jellyfish wrapped around it but got torn away, without ever stopping. Shinji felt that he was slowing down but the mud giant was being faster and faster as it releases another being from it. Because of the effects of the Q.R. Signum, Super Eva could barely run anymore, and Shinji felt tired. The mud giant was becoming more and more humanoid, regaining the form it once had, now sporting something like hair or wings from its back. Two dinosaurs attempted to stop him, Shinji managed to punch one but swiftly attempted another attack on Super Eva, with its fangs, managed to puncture Super Evangelion's eye. Shinji realized that his A.T. Field wasn't working anymore. Managing to break the creature's neck, he liberated himself, but lost the mud giant again and crying for her, he kept searching for her. He found a being that was similar to Asuka, or Asuka mixed with her Evangelion Unit, her body was red, it reached her hand and Super Evangelion graped it. [16]


  • The name Allegorica, was given due "to looking like it could come out of a fantastical allegory".


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