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Evangelion Unit-02 Type II is a unit appearing in Evangelion: ANIMA. It is piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu.


This unit is the evolution of the Evangelion Unit-02, the "Stage 2" of the technology used on it. Its armor sports the red and orange color scheme of its predecessor and is more bulky. The head also sports two horns similar to the Rebuild design of Eva-02.

When using the Allegorica support unit, the Unit-02 Type II is fitted with another armor, this time silver-colored with red details (making it looking like Unit-04).

Later, the Unit-02 Type II fuses with Asuka herself becoming the Crimson A1.


When this unit sortied to fight the first Angel Carrier, it was equipped with two Stage 2 equipments. The first is a special backpack which lets the unit sending power through air via microwave interaction. This backpack's generator uses the S² Engine of Ramiel. The second is the massive "Bizenosafune" sword.

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