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Evangelion Unit-02 Type II (エヴァンゲリオン弐号機II式[?]) is a unit appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA. It is piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu.


This unit is the evolution of the Evangelion Unit-02, the "Stage 2" of the technology used on it. Its armor sports the red and orange color scheme of its predecessor and is more bulky. As a result of the head being pierced by a Spear of Longinus replica in the battle against the Mass Production Evangelions in the prologue of the story. The result was the optic nerve was severely damaged and instead of 4 main cameras, they were changed to a single pair of cameras. In order to improve mobility, the umbilical cable power system was removed, using the rectenna to receive energy via wireless waves. By doing this, the electromagnetic interference reduced it efficiency by more than halfm, but still useful in cases where the Evangelion needs to go beyond the cable's reach. The activity time were increased and some of the S² Engine derived equipment used by Evangelion Unit-01 was compatible.


  • Rectenna
    • When this unit sortied to fight the first Angel Carrier Type-1, it was equipped with two Stage 2 equipments. The first is a special cross shaped rectenna that lets the unit receives power through air via microwave interaction released by the maser transmission towers of NERV Japan. This rectenna uses the energy generated by the S² Engine of Ramiel that is installed in the base.
  • "Bizen Osafune" sword.
    • Bizen Osafune (ビゼンオサフネ[?]) is a two handed sword used by Unit-02 Type II. It was developed from the Magorox, it is able to deploy the A.T. Field on the blade.
  • Powered 8 Rifle
    • It can be stored in the shoulder pylons rails.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

This unit was used by Asuka when the Angel Carrier started the attack on the NERV Japan. Asuka follows the Angel Carrier all the way down the old Geofront, she destroys it using a replica of the Spear of Longinus. A few days later, a Angel Carrier Type-2 attacks again. Time time, she uses at first the Powered 8 rifle against it, but it defended using the power shield. Knowing that ranged attacks weren't going to work, she shifts to use the Spear and tries to fight in close combat. When she uses it to pierce the red cocoon in the torso of the Angel Carrier. Instead of defeating it, it was pulling the spear inside, without being able to use its arms to defend itself, it is easily slammed in the arms by the Angel Carrier power shield, forcing the release of the spear. The impact shattered the cocoon, revealing the black and white sphere consumming the spear. Using the powers of Leliel, manages to steal the replica of the spear and by doing this, the shadow vanishes inside the cocoon. Asuka, furious, releases the cross shaped rectenna and plunges it in the ground, near the Angel Carrier's feet. As the Evangelion Unit-02 Type II flees from the scene, she orders Makoto Hyuga to blast the maser canon at it, overcharging the rectenna, causing an electromagnetic explosion engulfing everything in a five-hundred-meter radius. Retrieving the Powered 8 from the shoulder pylon rail, she waits as the surviving Angel Carrier emerges from the debris cloud.

As the awakening of Super Evangelion happened, the Angel Carrier shifts his attention towards it and starts walking in the direction. Asuka attempts to stop it, but the ground began to vibrate and a giant figure coming in their direction leaping through the mountain. As soon it appears, it attacks the Angel Carrier with its fists, attacking the power shield until it penetrated it, grabbing the Angel Carrier's face and crushing it with the arms covered in an A.T. Field. The Angel Carrier swings their staff but the Unit-01 easily avoid it.

Misato asks Asuka to distance herself, since she couldn't get in contact with Shinji in Unit-01 and it could attack her too after it was finished with the current enemy. As she observes the two glowing Q.R. Signum of the Angel Carrier, she circles it in the other direction of the shield, and shoots the shoulder pylons, shattering the shoulder in red fragments. After this attack, the Carrier throws the staff at Unit-02 Type II's torso, throwing it away. Unit-01 still kept attacking it, now breaking its leg with just one kick. Shinji's voice is heard in the communication link as he shouts, he uses Unit-01's right leg to kick , the tip of the foot pierced the shield and hit the remaining shoulder pylon, shattering the Q.R. Signum. As soon it was destroyed, the Angel Carrier colapses, just like a marionette without its strings, quickly disintegrating. Unit-02 Type II was kneeling on the ground, with its internal battery spent. [1]

In preparation to the lunar expedition, Asuka asks it to be painted in the color of the moon to camouflage it in the next mission. it would be equipped with the UX-1 Allegorica becoming the Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica.



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