This article is about the Evangelion from the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. For the Evangelion from Neon Genesis Evangelion, see Evangelion Unit-02.

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Evangelion Production Model-02'γ (汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 正規実用型 改2号機γ[?], "Hanyō Hitogata Kessen Heiki Jinzō Ningen Evangerion Seiki Jitsuyōgata Kai Nigōki Ganma", lit. "General-Purpose Humanoid Battle Weapon Android Evangelion Utility Model Unit Two Revised Gamma") is an Evangelion unit appearing in Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. It appears in the movie Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, piloted by Asuka Shikinami Langley.


The repaired Unit-02 first appears as the Evangelion Production Model-02'γ (汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 正規実用型 改2号機γ[?], "Hanyō Hitogata Kessen Heiki Jinzō Ningen Evangerion Seiki Jitsuyōgata Kai Nigōki Ganma", lit. "General-Purpose Humanoid Battle Weapon Android Evangelion Utility Model Unit Two Revised Gamma"). is not shaped like a typical production model. It is bulkier in hips, shoulders, and most notably in the torso. The plating on the chest, abdomen, and legs is far bulkier as well, and does not match the thin, sleek plating seen on the earlier Evangelion units. Unlike Evangelion Unit-08/Unit-08β, the arm are not guarded by more armor, being the same arm as seen in the earlier version. It also only have only one shoulder pylon, since the other arm is a prosthesis that can be changed according to the necessity in the mission. The prothesis is far more thicker than before since it is made in that manner. The arm can be switched with a machine gun.


Unit-02y uses a double-bladed spear as its melee weapon, which can be separated into two swords when necessary. The prosthetic arm can also interchanged with a machine gun which can either fire fast rounds or single shots.

Finally, the most prominent feature of the new Unit-02 is its Beast Mode, codenamed "Code 777". Similar to the older Unit-02's Beast Mode, Unit-02y's transformation is much more radical. It transforms into a more animalistic appearance with sharp claws and sharp teeth, resembling a sabre-toothed tiger. Despite this, Unit-02y is able to keep its machine gun which is later used against Mark 09.


Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

The brand-new Unit-02'γ is first seen deployed to fit Unit-01 into the AAA Wunder's power reactor.

After a long time, the AAA Wunder detects the activation of a new Evangelion unit (which is later revealed to be Evangelion 13), and sends Unit-02'γ and Unit-08β for investigation. Asuka in Unit-02y performs a surprise attack on Evangelion 13 in Central Dogma, and is shocked to see Shinji piloting that unit. Evangelion 13 deploys its RS Hoppers against Unit-02'γ. As Asuka fights back, it is ambushed by Mark.09 which is able to slash the unit twice with its scythe, but is also ambushed by Unit-08β later on. Unit-02'γ continues to fight Evangelion 13 and shortly destroys two of the RS Hoppers using its double-bladed spear while asking Shinji whether he is going to start another impact. Moments later, Unit-02'γ is able to pierce through the remaining two RS Hoppers. Asuka then charges onto Evangelion 13 by separating the spear into two swords, while Shinji in Evangelion 13 grasps the blades with its bare hands, injuring Shinji in the process. Finally, Unit-02'γ's power has drained out and switched to low-battery mode, allowing Evangelion 13 to push the former away, proceeding to the two Lance of Longinus. Asuka demands a portable battery from Mari in Unit-08β.

Upon Evangelion 13's initial awakening, the charged Unit-02'γ proceeds to stop the Eva, with Asuka demanding a machine-gun prothesis in replacement of the unit's original arm. Unit-02'γ fires rapid shots at the released Twelfth Angel but the attack is indeed ineffective and the Angel continues to devour Evangelion 13.

Upon Evangelion 13's final awakening, Asuka and Mari observe the mess made by the unit and decides to work separately to stop Fourth Impact, with Asuka in charge of protecting the AAA Wunder. Unit-02'γ grasps onto the AAA Wunder to fight Mark.09. Being underpowered, Asuka has no choice but to activate Unit-02'γ's beast mode: Code 777. The unit switches into its beast form and blocks an Angelic beam from Mark.09, then slaps away the another strike, pouncing onto the unit. After Rei's entry plug is ejected from Mark.09, Asuka is able to fire multiple shots with Unit-02'γ's machine gun at Mark.09's core. However, the latter fully regenerates and continues strangling Unit-02'γ. Without hope, Asuka apologizes to her beloved unit and activates its self-destruction mode, finally defeating Mark.09 and safely ejecting from her unit. The remains of Unit-02'γ and Unit-08β are seen carried away by WILLE's fleet at the end of the movie.

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

Evangelion Production Model-02'γ makes it's last onscreen appearance when Gendo destroys all of the Evangelion Units with the Spear of Gaius piercing Unit-01 and Evangelion 13 to continue the Neon Genesis.