New Unit-02α

This article is about the Evangelion from the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. For the Evangelion from Neon Genesis Evangelion, see Evangelion Unit-02.

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Evangelion Production Model-New 02α (JA-02 Body Assembly Cannibalized) (汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン JA-02 機体流用ニコイチ型 新2号機α[?]) is an Evangelion unit appearing in Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. It appears in the movie Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, piloted by Asuka Shikinami Langley.


It appears in the movie Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, where the unit is piloted by Asuka Shikinami Langley and alongisde other members of WILLE, together with the repaired Evangelion Unit-08γ they fight against NERV during Operation Yamato. Unit-02α is equipped with the "Angel Blood" which it uses against Evangelion 13 in order to destroy it.


The New Unit-02α is seen using a large number of handheld weapons including an Autocannon, a Anti-Material Circular Saw and a naginata among many others. Being mostly mechanical, the unit uniquely possesses built in weapons in the form of missiles stored in its thighs. Finally, the unit features a large removable backpack with several rocket boosters for landing and dorsal mines. New Unit-02α also carries the Shutdown Override Signal Plug, a tool designed to stop Evangelion 13 from reactivating.

Like all other Evangelion, New Unit-02α can deploy a A.T. Field however only from the right arm due to it being one of the few biological parts left on the unit.

As with its predecessors, this unit possesses a "Backdoor Code", this time activated with the numbers 999. When activated, Unit-02's limiters are released and the biological part of the unit are injected with Angel Blood. Paired with the units pilot unsealing the Ninth Angel sealed within her, the unit is engulfed it in light and transformed it into an angelic form. In this form, the unit has four arms, a power derived from the liberated angel.


Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

Unit-02 is repaired using parts acquired in the assault mission to the Euro-NERV facilities in Paris, France. It is repaired using parts of JA-02 as it body, since only the torso, abdominal innards, right arm and head are still present. It took part in the Operation Yamato.

New Unit-02α descending into NERV HQ

Aboard the Launched New EVA-02α Protection Specialized Custom Reffited Dedicated Defensive Warship, it is dropped with the Launched Improved EVA-08γ Protection Specialized Custom Refitted Dedicated Defensive Warship in the direction of the NERV headquarters, when it is met with the opposition with multiple Evangelion Mark.07s. Using the weapons attached to its body and also the weapons carried by Unit-08γ, they fight against the group as they approach their target. Both of the units, uses their A.T. Field in a combined drill shaped attack to destroy a massive amount of enemy units.

Before arriving in the pyramid shaped object, it grabs the Unit-08γ's hand and pulls it to its torso, using the engines to break the easy the fall. There, both of them are attacked by a group of Arm Unit. New Unit-02α fights against them using close quarters combat. Mari tells Asuka to go there as she fights against the group, using her Unit-08γ and her whip weapon. As New Unit-02α run towards the crater, four Arm Units follow it but using the backpack set, by detaching it from the back, it is used as a weapon and it explodes engulfing the enemies and projecting New Unit-02α forward in the crater.

Inside it, New Unit-02α grabs the Shutdown Override Signal Plug and walks toward the Evangelion 13 in order to make it unable to move. As it tries to pierce the core, a strong A.T. Field reaction occurs, repelling New Unit-02α. Asuka realizes that it was her own Evangelion A.T. Field instead of Evangelion 13.

Auska unsealing the Ninth Angel

As Asuka apologizes to New Unit-02α, she disables all restrictors and activates backdoor code three nine. Asuka removes her eyepatch revealing a blue eye, and a miniature sealing pillar from her eye emerges, removing it, activating both her DSS Choker and the Pattern Blue signal. She activates the full injection of Angel Blood in her right should pylons that flows into New Unit-02α's core and remaining biological blood. Both Asuka and New Unit-02α contorts themselves as it pulls itself from the JA-02 mechanical body and a luminous arm appears from the previously dangling cables. It uses this new arm to liberate itself from the old body and opens its mouth, with now sixteen shining eyes in each side. It explodes into a purple shining light destroying the JA-02's mechanical body.

New Unit-02α after activating Backdoor Code:999

The still biological body of Unit-02 is engulfed by a pink light as the gigantic body emerges and keeps growing in size, to even destroy the crater ceiling, It projects a while halo above it while the Shutdown Override Signal Plug is engulfed by a gigantic cross. The shoulder pylons disappear as a new set of blueish long arms appear. Using both arms, Asuka attempts to neutralize Unit-02's A.T. Field with her own in an attempt to pierce Evangelion 13's core.

Right as the A.T. Field was pierced, Evangelion 13 reactivates and counterattacks destroying the hands and the Shutdown Override Signal Plug, causing a cross shaped and halo to appear. The gigantic being bursts into a luminous substance returning to its original size as Evangelion 13 grabs the units neck and pierces it the torso, immobilizing the unit. New Unit-02α is finally destroyed when Evangelion 13 removes the entry plug causing the Evangelion to explodes in a orange liquid similar to LCL.

The head of New Unit-02α is dropped at the AAA Wunder as Gendo Ikari talks with Misato and Ritsuko. Evangelion 13 bites the Entry plug killing the last angel and the ritual starts again.

Evangelion Production Model-New 02α makes it's last onscreen appearance when Gendo destroys all of the Evangelion Units with the Spear of Gaius piercing Unit-01 and Evangelion 13 to continue the Neon Genesis.


  • In the moments before destruction, it shows two liquid colors substances to come out, red and blue.