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Evangelion Unit-01 Type CQB (初号機CQB装備[?]) is an Evangelion Unit that first appeared in the artbook Evangelion ANIMA Visual Book. It was designed by Ikuto Yamashita.


Three years before the events shown in the TV series, equipment for close quarters battle was studied to further the combat with the upcoming Mass Production Evangelion that would be send by SEELE in an advantageous manner. Assuming a combat situation inside the city, weapon racks and horns were removed. Sensors and cameras were installed in the head and shoulder pylons, by removing the weapons inside it. The armor was changed to a new lightweight and harder material coated with angels remains that allows it to generate a kind of AT Field.. The emphasis is on taking advantage of the surroundings of the city while quickly moving through. It was equipped with two hand guns with a bayonet as hand-held weapons. It can be used in the tactic of cutting through the field of the enemy with the AT Field generated on the blade of the bayonet and shooting the gun through the gap to a guarantee shot. It can shoot 1880 shots per minute.


In reality, this equipment never saw action, since the development of the Type F was prioritized and SEELE plans for Human Instrumentality Project were late.


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