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Evangelion Unit-01 Stage 2 Specification is a unit appearing in Evangelion: ANIMA Visual Book. It is piloted by Shinji Ikari.


As the evolution of the technology used on Evangelion Unit-01, the armor of this unit sports the trademark purple and green colors of the latter. It has however much more black plates and has more green details. The armor of the unit is also noticeably more bulky due to the fact that it is developed from the Evangelion Unit-01 Type F.


This unit's new equipment was developed from the lessons learned from the various battles against the Angels. It sets as a standard the use of A.T. Field-enhanced weapons (whether offensive or defensive), like the Magoroku Exterminate Sword Stage 2, as well as a capatibility between the armaments used by the Evangelions and the JSSDF weapons.

Because the B-Type equipment of the Stage 2 still doesn't solve the problems brought by the absorption of Zeruel's S² Engine (like the power output changes or the heat generation), it never saw actual use. The Evangelion Unit-01 Stage 2 Specification was retro-fitted with the F-Type Equipment instead, with the collected data later used on the Super Evangelion.

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