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Evangelion Unit-0.0 Mutant (0-0エヴァ用廃機・カトル[?]) (translated as Mutant EVA-0.0 in Seven Seas edition) is an Evangelion unit that appears in Evangelion: ANIMA. This Unit was initially piloted by Rei Quatre, then Rei Trois and Kaji-vessel. It was one of the Evangelion Unit-0.0 that was altered by mental pollution and was altered by it.


This unit was built from parts of the Mass Production Evangelions and Evangelion Unit-00. Its armor once sports the yellow and white color scheme but the white was changed into a darker color. The external S² Engine is now fused into the unit, now leaving auxiliary cables dangling from behind.

The long-barreled gamma-ray laser is now fused in its right arm due to the mutation, not being able to release it and can be fired without the nuclear transmission unit. The time between each shot is of 57 seconds[1]. It also does have a six-inch diameter and four hundred megaelectronvolts of energy, leaving sometimes a purple or golden light that can pierce through anything. [2]

The head antenna design was also altered due to the mental pollution into a sword shaped, unlike the other Evangelion Unit-0.0.[3]


The units once was part of the "Sword of Damocles" network system in order to execute Anti-Angel search-and-destroy operations from space.

After the mind contamination of Rei Quatre, her EVA0.0 (Quatre) appeared to have been modified, using now a Q.R. Signum (located in its chest) as a gateway to energy from Armaros.


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Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

Built from the remains of the collected mass production Evangelions, three Unit-0.0 were made and placed in Earth's orbit in order to protect the world from future angel attacks. After Rei's ability to connect with the orbiting clones is lost, Rei Quatre goes rogue and descends to Earth and begins to fight Evangelion Unit-01 Stage 2 Specification. During this conflict the unit would land a fatal blow on Unit-01 with its gamma-ray laser, destroying the S² Organ in the chest, completely vaporizing the entry plug with Shinji inside before leaving the conflict zone.

Rei Quatre, now being controlled by Kaji-vessel continues to use Evangelion Unit-0.0 Mutant to fight against multiple enemies in Volume 2 of the printed version. Eventually it absorves the Angel Carrier Type-3 wings, now colored black, being able to fly.

After the battle in the Valley of human organs in Morocco, North Africa. Rei Trois is sequestrated by Kaji-vessel to be the next pilot of Evangelion Unit-0.0 Mutant, using her and discarding Rei Quatre after she was taken by the rescue team sent by Japan to the North Africa. Shinji and Rei Quatre fights against Evangelion Unit-0.0 Mutant in the Core's Apple in a damaged infused with a Q.R. Signum Super Evangelion.[4]


  • Evangelion 0.0[Quatre] features a dual seated cockpit similar to Evangelion 13 in Rebuild of Evangelion. The unit has been manned with two Rei clones, Rei Quatre and Shinji, and finally with Rei Quatre and Kaji.
  • The name Victor 1 was given by the computer of NERV Japan upon the transformation.
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