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Evangelion Unit-0.0 (full designation Evangelion Unit-00 Type II Kai: Area Defensive Unit [0.0EVA], but often simply abbreviated as EVA0.0 or 0.0EVA) is the designation of three units appearing in Evangelion: ANIMA. They're all piloted by Rei Ayanami clones, Rei Quatre, Rei Cinq and Rei Six. The EVA0.0 [Quatre] is piloted by Kaji after Quatre's defection to NERV JAPAN.


This unit was built from parts of the Mass Production Evangelions and Evangelion Unit-00. Its armor sports the yellow and white color scheme of the non-repaired Unit-00 and is more bulky. It also is equipped with a backpack providing unlimited amount of energy through an S² Engine reused from the remain of the Mass Production Evangelions

This unit is also somewhat unique is that it has been made in three copies, one for each Ayanami clones. The three units are designated as "Evangelion Unit-0.0 [Quatre]" (piloted by Rei Quatre), "Evangelion Unit-0.0 [Cinq]" (piloted by Rei Cinq) and "Evangelion Unit-0.0 [Six]" (piloted by Rei Six).

Those three units form the "Sword of Damocles" network. The Rei clones are usually stored in the Entry Plugs of the units in suspended state and are activated once a danger is confirmed. Each of them covers a part of the Earth, with one of them in Tokyo-3 airspace and the other two in space. This makes them effectively able to strike directly any target on the planet with their high-output laser.

At one point, it was planned to have EVA0.0 retrieve the Spear of Longinus on the Moon surface.

After the mind contamination of Rei Quatre, her EVA0.0 (Quatre) appeared to have been modified, using now a QR Signum (located in its chest) as energy source.


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In service with NERV[]

In service with SEELE[]


  • Evangelion 0.0[Quatre] features a dual seated cockpit similar to Evangelion 13 in Rebuild of Evangelion, this is show multiple times in the light novel series: sometimes with two Reis, sometimes with Rei Quatre and Shinji, and later with Rei Quatre and a SEELE-loyal Kaji
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