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Evangelion Unit-α (エヴァンゲリオン甲号機[?], "Evangerion Kougouki") is an original Evangelion unit featured in the game Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra. It is piloted by a Dummy Plug based on Rei Ayanami. The unit was produced and scrapped in secrecy by SEELE.


It is the sister unit of Unit Beta. Unit Alpha is a green colored Evangelion that was developed in secrecy by SEELE but eventually was scapped. It attacks with six distance-controlled beam emitters mounted on its shoulder pylons that can move in various directions attacking the enemy in a barrage of beam attacks. These weapons can attach and reform in various patterns, one attack unifies all 6 barrels and releases a powerful beam at the enemy.

It can use physical moves but it is weaker and slower than the sister Unit Beta.



  • It appears when you reach the 41th opponent in the Endless mode.
  • It is also called EVA-甲 in the menu.

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