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Evangelion Mark.07 (EVANGELION Mark.07[?]) is a mass-produced Evangelion Unit belonging to the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. It appears for the first time in the movie Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time.

These sections contain spoilers pertaining to new or unreleased content. Read ahead at your own risk!


The unit bears a beige colour scheme. Its overall appearance does not resemble that of standard Evangelions, instead, its body looks slender, and the body consists of cross-sections. The head (except the jaw) is 'exposed' to reveal a human skull, with the NERV logo attached onto the forehead. A (probably) artificial halo with a support is mounted at the neck of the unit. The unit lacks an Entry Plug hatch and a socket for the umbilical cable. The unit seems to have a lack an A.T field making it vulnerable.

Various Mark.07 were produced in mass-production scale.


  • In the earlier designs shown by Ikuto Yamashita, the head design was different[1], being a head similar to the Evangelion Mark.10 and without the redge and the halo, the old SEELE logo was on the chest and more Evangelion proportions, unlike the elongated design used in the movie..
  • In a later design [2], the designs was changed to include the redge, halo and the new logo of NERV (Rebuild) was put on the chest and the old SEELE logo on the head. The visor was also changed.

Evangelion Mark.07 (NERV) Concept Art Ikuto Yamashita.jpg

  • In these concept arts, there is a unused concept of how the spread of coreification was spread and it was by the insides of the Mark.07 to inflate from inside and explode, dripping its contents on the ground. It also shows holes in the wrists of the Mark.07 that could release the red liquid.


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