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The Evangelion Mark.04B (EVANGELION Mark.04B[?], "Evangerion Māku Fō Bi") is an Evangelion unit introduced in the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. It is an autonomous Evangelion unit introduced in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. Mark.04B is seen serving as a defense mechanism for the Tesseract to act as a defensive system. It tries to prevent its retrieval by Evangelion Unit-02'β during the Operation US.


The Evangelion Mark.04B initially appears hidden in a cuboid box attached to Unit-01's tesseract, but quickly unfolds into several metallic "threads" capable of morphing into different shapes. It has a single core, which is contained in a small core block similar to the main body of the Evangelion Mark.04A. The core block can be moved along the threads at high speeds to avoid damage.

The Evangelion Mark.04B unit possess two shoulder pylons, being purple and light green. The body is a black oval disc with a single core underneath. On the top there are five holes and underneath half of the core is exposed with another eight holes, 4 minor and 4 larger under it.


The Mark.04B unit is capable of producing A.T. Fields and manipulating them, although each have unique capabilities. The Mark.044B is capable of using its four metallic threads to reflect and manipulate light into powerful attacks, such as cross-shaped lasers and explosions. These attacks cannot be nullified by an A.T. Field. The Mark.04B alters the arrangements of its threads for each attack. The Mark.04B's core block is capable of moving along the threads at high speed, making it difficult to reach it and attack it. When destroyed, it shows the cross shaped light and the rainbow color halo as other Evangelions upon destruction.


Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

The Mark.04B is first seen when Asuka and Mari during the Operation US. Asuka finally reaches the Tesseract and attempts to bring it back to Earth.

However, the Mark.04B turns out to be concealed as part of the Tesseract and begins its attack, first utilizing a piercing cross-shaped white laser that cannot be neutralized by Unit-02'β's A.T. Field. The laser causes Asuka great pain and succeeds in blowing off part of Unit-02's shoulder armor. The Mark.04B's core block travels along the metallic threads which seem to form its body, preventing Asuka from reaching it while she is still holding onto the Tesseract. The Mark.04B then changes the configuration of its threads into an atom-like shape, producing several explosions and lasers which further damage Unit-02'. Asuka realizes that Unit-02' will be destroyed if the assault continues, but Misato instructs her to continue guiding the Tesseract towards Earth. In the end, Asuka yells, "Come on do something anything idiot Shinji!" after which a crack appears in the Tesseract, allowing Unit-01 to fire a laser from its eye which destroys the Mark.04B's core block, causing it to explode. After the Mark.04B is destroyed in a cross-shaped explosion, Unit-01's eye closes. The tesseract then re-enters Earth's atmosphere.

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

Mark.04B makes it's last onscreen appearance when Gendo destroys all of the Evangelion Units with the Spear of Gaius piercing Unit-01 and Evangelion 13 to remove everything related to Evangelion.


  • It is also called Code 04B (コード 04B[?], "Kōdo Zero Fō Bī") by WILLE.
  • In the operator display shows that the wavelength pattern ≈Blue, meaning "approximately blue", rather than the usual :Blue for Angels.