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Evangelions can be outfitted with several different sets of armor "equipment":

Land-Only A-Type Equipment [Land War Equipment]

(陸専用A型装備(陸戦装備)) Seen only in Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal. It is the standard Evangelion armor of this continuity.

B-Type Equipment [Normal Equipment]

(B型装備(通常装備)) The standard Evangelion armor. It is unsuited for use in combat underwater, or in extreme conditions.

C-Type Equipment [Flight-Use Equipment]

(C型装備(飛行用装備)) Seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The NERV White Paper. This special equipment was developed to enable the flight of an Evangelion unit, but is mainly considered a failure because of the numerous drawbacks and the high construction costs.

D-Type Equipment (D型装備) [Heat and Pressure-Resistant Armor]

Evangelion Unit-02 fitted with D-Type Equipment

(D型装備(耐熱耐圧耐核装甲)) Used in Episode 10; a giant diving suit filled with coolant tubes which allows an Eva to be lowered into the magma of an active volcano, serving to protect it from extreme heat and pressure. The shoulder pylons are removed in this configuration. Used in conjunction with a pressurized plugsuit for the pilot.

F-Type Equipment [Airborne Warfare]

The F-Type Equipment [Airborne Warfare] equipped to Evangelion Unit-03

(F装備(空挺降下戦用)) Seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is the equipment used to transport the Evangelion units.

F-Type Equipment [A.T. Field Control Experiment]

Artwork of the Unit-01 equipped with F-Type Equipment by Ikuto Yamashita

Evangelion Unit-00 Type-F

(F型装備(フィールド偏向制御運用実験機AFCエクスペリメント)) First seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 and in the Super Robot Wars series of video games thereafter, as well as in Evangelion: ANIMA. The F-Type Equipment [A.T. Field Control Experiment] was developed by Ritsuko Akagi for an exclusive use by the Evangelion Unit-01 (although parts of it would later be used on a repaired Eva-00 and Eva-02). Although it decreases the maneuverability of the unit because of its weight, the equipment makes up for it by making extensive use of the deflection of the A.T. Field naturally emitted by the Eva-01 allowing it to augment it into very durable shields or even for use as a weapon. This reinforces the armor, adds extra power to propel the unit when it jumps or even enables the use of antiphase weapons like the Impact Bolt (used to paralyze an enemy or tear through its A.T. Field) equipped in each of the shoulder pylons. Also, the shoulder pylons house each a Progressive Dagger, an evolution of the Progressive Knife.

G-Type Equipment [Sniping-Use]

Unit-01 equipped with the G-Type Equipment preparing to snipe

(G型装備(狙撃用)) Specialized sniper equipment fitted to Unit-01 in Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0. Used in conjunction with the positron rifle in Operation Yashima.

Aerial Recon S-Type Equipment

Unit-02 equipped with the S-Type Equipment being dropped

(空中挺進専用S型装備) First seen in the trailer at the end of 1.0, equipped to the Unit-02. It is then indeed seen in Evangelion 2.0. The equipment consists of jetpack parts which are attached in lieu of the shoulder pylons and new, more aerodynamic blade pieces for the forearms.

S-Type Equipment [Space Combat Use]

(S型装備(宇宙空間戦闘用)) Mentioned in Super Robot Wars Alpha. It does not appear visually different from the default equipment, and merely serves as an explanation for how the Evangelions were able to fight in space.

V-Type Equipment [Flight-Use Equipment]

(V型装備(飛行用装備)) Seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The NERV White Paper. Developed from the C-Type Equipment. Though this equipment is quite performant, it is, like its predecessor, a failure because of its high production cost.