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Evangelion EURO-II Heurtebise (エヴァンゲリオン・EUROII・ウルトビーズ[?]) is a unit appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA. It is piloted by Hikari Horaki in unison with a dummy plug system.


An Evangelion unit developed in NERV Germany using leftover body parts from the Evangelion Unit-02, but the project had stalled until the death of 1.9 million people attack by the Lance of Longinus.[1] . As such, its appearance is nearly identical to Unit-02 except for the white coloring. It used information traded by Kensuke Aida with the Germans for information about the Keel Lorenz visor when he was part of the intelligence department. [2]


This unit uses new technology from the previous Evangelion units like the N² Reactor from the UX-1 Allegorica pack and two Q.R. Signums in each shoulder pylons. Its main armament is a lance capable of generating an A.T. Field from its tip (A place called 情報宮 stores a part of Kodama Horaki, who died and became salt as part of the effects of Longinus Curtain in Europe. There is also a sword stored in a sheath located near the hips.

The Q.R. Signum also works as a power source. There is no core in this Evangelion due to the construction process. The problem of mental pollution caused by Q.R. Signum is solved by putting half of the control of the Evangelion on the dummy system.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

EUROII was said to be developed at NERV Berlin, a testbed for multiple Unit-02 weapons and equipment for consideration of it as a combat model. Based in NERV Germany rather than Japan, the Evangelion is piloted by Hikari Horaki who seems to be in a trance as she pilots the Evangelion. She attacks Shinji Ikari inside the Super Evangelion during the relief operation in Hokkaido, it was assisted by the United Nations Armed Forces Religious Riot Control, Third Brigade by using cars that projected gravitational waves, making Super Evangelion unable to stand up as Heurtebise used its spear to attack. Eventually, Super Evangelion managed to stand up and used its arms to rip one of the Heurtebise arms alongside the Q.R. Signum. Instead of disappearing like the previous Angel Carriers, it managed to escape Super Evangelion grasps and bounce back using the palm of the hand back to Heurtebise. It escapes the attack of the multiple Angel Carrier hands in the ground using the wings similar to Allegorica to escape.

Despite NERV Germany's now cold relationship with the former, is shown to assist her old friends and maintain an intimate relationship with Tōji Suzuhara. After the battle on the Moon, both the Evangelion and Hikari are shown to be contaminated by Armaros and Hikari is a more active enemy towards her old friends and NERV Japan.


  • EURO-II is the code name for this Evangelion, Heurtebise is the official designation.[3]
  • In recognition of the international collaboration, it was named with the french name of an angel, unlike the judeo-christian, inspired by the the works of Jean Cocteau.


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