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Detective Evangelion (also known as Evangelion Detective) is an adventure/strategy PS2 game published by Broccoli, which follows Shinji Ikari, a detective hired by NERV, as he attempts to uncover the truths behind a series of murders. The game was released in Japan on Jan 17, 2007, and include voices from all the original seiyū. There were 2 editions of the game: a standard edition which included a NERV magnifying glass/key chain if pre-ordered; and the premium edition (about 26,040¥) which included a multi-face analog watch.


The player takes the role of Shinji the detective in an adventure style gameplay, talking to the NERV personnel and other people in the environment in order to pick up clues within the conversations. The game starts as Shinji emerges from an outdoor stall with sirens blaring in the background. He then finds Rei Ayanami being attacked by a teenager with tentacles. Shinji must then fight the teenager in order to free Rei. From this point on, the player picks locations and explore, the ultimate goal being to discover the identity of the killer that's committing murders all over NERV and Tokyo-3. At each of the locations, it is possible to interact with the people there, with the occasional action sequence or mini-game. All of Shinji's friends, Gendo, and Misato all appear in the game.

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