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The Eva 44A is an autonomous mass-produced Evangelion unit introduced in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0. These units act like a colony and are equipped with weapons resembling the Lance of Longinus.

Design Edit

The Evangelion 44A is similar in design to a standard proportion to a standard Evangelion, say for the back. However, the armor color is blue and the unit features many areas designed to help the 44A keep it's altitude, the most distinct change is the fact it's legs and arms and in a set of Pylons which rotate to produce lift, not dissimilar to Mark.04. Where the head should be is replaced by 2 Angel Masks, and the "front" of the unit has a single lance-like weapon resembling the Spear of Longinus for engaging enemies.

The unit is designed in a horizontal-symmetrical pattern.

The units may have a relatively weak AT field as Unit-08 is able to destroy them with no effort.

It is unknown if the units are autonomous or if they use dummy plug systems

Trivia Edit

The name of the unit, Eva 44A, may suggest that the '4' refers to one "Evangelion body". Since the unit consists of two "Evangelion bodies" (one facing up and one facing down / two heads), the name "Evangelion 44A" is given.

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