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The Eva 4444C is a massive autonomous Evangelion unit introduced in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0. Powered by multiple Eva 44B, it is armed with a positron rifle.

Design Edit

The Evangelion 4444C is a large Evangelion Unit which mounts a larger version of the Positron Rifle on it's main body, This weapon is supported by 4 upper-torso like Appendages resembling Evangelion units, these appendages despite their resemblance lack a true head, and instead have a crudely attached mask resembling that of an Angel. The Evangelion moves via 4 long, rotating tentacles attached to it's base.

When the Positron Rifle fires, the bottom circular part flashes from red to white. The long energy chain glows with yellow parts. Two halos appear beside the Eva unit. The eyes of the angelic heads flash in a manner when Zeruel fires cross-beams. On the other hand, the tentacles can serve as "hands" with similar behavioral to that of Zeruel, as shown when the unit attempts to stop Unit-08 by strangling Unit-08 with one of its tentacles.

It is believed that NERV violates the Vatican Treaty due to the custom modification of standard Evangelion units for military purposes.

Trivia Edit

The name of the unit, Eva 4444C, may suggest that the '4' refers to one "Evangelion body". Since the unit consists of four "Evangelion bodies" , the name "Evangelion 4444C" is assigned.

The lack of a true head resembles Mark.09.

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