An Entry Plug being inserted.

Entry Plugs (エントリープラグ) are capsule-like tubes which acts as the cockpit for Evangelion pilots.


The inside of an Entry Plug

Entry plugs are air tight capsules required for pilots to connect with Evangelion as they act as the bridge between the body and mind of the unit. Plugs are two sections, the housing which contains the monitors and casing for the plug as well as the pilot seat which houses the control sticks and seat for the pilot. While the seat generally sits towards the back of the plug, it can move somewhat freely within the plug in response to the pilots synchronization rate. As the synchronization rate rises, the seat moves forward slightly.

When used, pilots are first loaded and sealed into the plug before it is inserted into the Evangelions spinal area via a loading mechanism,[1] after which it spins inward and locks itself firmly into the Eva's torso. After being locked in place, the plug begins to fill with LCL which allows the pilot to breath through liquid breathing.

Asuka's damaged Entry Plug

The standard color for the most used Entry Plugs is white however each type is colored differently. Plugs appear to be extremely resistant to damage, as can be seen with the Evangelion Unit-00's entry plug, which survived the Eva's explosion.[2]

Standard Plug

The standard entry plug is white with its respective Unit's number printed near the end. The plug is entered via a hatch that opens above the pilot's seat - to the pilot's left, there is an additional square emergency hatch. The internal control system is fairly standardized among entry plugs, consisting mostly of two hand held devices with at least three visible triggers, with the exception of Provisional Unit-05 which has many more. These handles can be detached at one end to become similar to joysticks. The visual interface differs slightly between units: Unit-01's entry plug has a single continuous screen while Unit-02's has clearly segmented front and side views.

Signal Termination Plug

A Signal Termination Plug is used while an inactive Eva is stored instead of a Standard Plug, and is an additional measure to prevent an Eva from starting on its own. The end of the Signal Termination Plug, which sticks out of the back of an Evangelion, is shaped like a crucifix.

The Signal Termination Plug is most prominently seen in Episode 02 and Episode 05, when Evangelion Unit-00 is frozen in bakelite after it lost control during an experiment. However, a Signal Termination Plug is seen again (very briefly and in a dark shot) in Episode 11, when it has to be manually removed from an Evangelion so that an Entry Plug can be loaded in.

This device is often referred to by a number of other names "Stop Signal Plug", "Termination Signal Plug", "Terminator Signal Plug" and "Signal Terminator Plug" being common variations in naming.

Dummy Plug

A Dummy System's red Entry Plug

Dummy plugs are similar in function to standard plugs having a regular pilot seat and controls however they also have the Dummy System loaded into them which acts as a co-pilot with the ability to be given full control if needed. The specifics of how the dummy plugs function is still a mystery, however it's known that they have a connection with the soulless Rei clones which apparently make up their "core".

In Neon Genesis Evangelion, dummy plugs are dark red with their thought pattern engraved into the side. Throughout the series, two characters have systems made from their thought patterns, Rei Ayanami, printed as "Rei", used with Evangelion Unit-01, and Kaworu Nagisa, printed as "Kaworu" and used with the Mass Production Evangelion. When activated, the screens inside the plug power off removing the pilots ability to see outside and the control sticks stop working entirely.

In Rebuild of Evangelion, dummy plugs are more stylized as they're black with white crosses and various lime green highlights and panel lines. They also have a large, "DMYSYS" logo. Unlike the original series, it is entirely unclear whose thought patterns, if any, are used for the basis of the system. The plug also differs greatly from the original when it activates as unlike the original, a large, vaguely humanoid structure rises from the back of the pilot's seat, hunching over them and locking the controls with two long black arms, stopping the pilot from moving the controls. The interface screen goes blank as the hunched figure displays its own screen message whilst assuming complete control. Once the plug takes control, it displays the words "DMYSYS Golgotha Base Built" on the screen.


  1. Evangelion pilots can actually enter, then activate, an Eva entirely without external aid if they need to. Although there is a dedicated Entry Plug loading mechanism in NERV HQ, a pilot can manually open it. This is seen in Episode 03 when Shinji admits Toji and Kensuke into the entry plug, and in Episode 08, when Asuka triggers the release of Unit-02's Entry Plug by use of a mechanism on the side of the Entry Plug's hatch. The pilot can then launch entirely independent of the control center.
  2. In addition, the image of "inside a mother's womb" can be taken from the entry plug that Shinji can't escape from, and the image of "giving birth" can be taken from the scene where Unit-01 escapes from within the Angel, covered in blood. Thus, this is also an episode with strong symbolism. - Platinum Episode Commentaries