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The Dummy System (ダミーシステム?) is a special system implemented into Dummy Plugs (ダミープラグ?) which are Entry Plugs modified to operate without being manned by a pilot.


The system acts as an artificial pilot by emulating a pilot's thought processes in order to send signals to the Evangelion. When inactive, the plug is functionally identical to a regular entry plug; however when activated, the dummy system locks out the pilots ability to control the unit and causes the Evangelion to act in an almost bestial way similar to Berserk Mode though less extreme.

All the regular EVA units are eventually fitted so they can be operated with either the pilot or the dummy system engaged.

Neon Genesis Evangelion History[]

Neon Genesis Evangelion[]

First deployed as the backup pilot in Evangelion Unit-01 in order to combat Evangelion Unit-03, renamed to Bardiel, the plug was used despite not being deemed ready for combat. After the designated pilot, Shinji Ikari refused to fight the other unit, the dummy system was activated, shutting Shinji out of his controls. Now controlled by the dummy system, Unit-01 completely annihilated Unit-03 and bit down on its entry plug severely injuring its pilot Tōji Suzuhara.

After this incident, Shinji Ikari refuses to pilot and the dummy system is designated as the backup pilot. Soon after, Zeruel attacks and NERV attempt to launch Unit-01 with the dummy plug however the Evangelion continually refuses to activate. After Shinji returns to NERV, the dummy system isn't activated again (at least in Unit-01).

Ritsuko Akagi noted that the dummy plugs are based on the personal data of Rei Ayanami.

The End of Evangelion[]

Dummy Plug - Kaworu

MP Evas' Dummy plugs, labelled "Kaworu"

During the siege on the GeoFront and NERV Headquarters, the Mass Production Evangelions are deployed in order to destroy Evangelion Unit-02. Before they initialized, the plugs entering them are labeled with the name "Kaworu" indicating that they were based on the personal data of Kaworu Nagisa.

Rebuild of Evangelion History[]

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance[]

Dummy screen (Rebuild)

The Dummy System screen inside Unit-01's Entry Plug

Labelled as DMYSYS, The Dummy Plug system was built in NERV's Golgotha base and deployed to Tokyo-3 prior to the delivery of Unit-03. In addition to having a uniquely colored green plug, the system also has an expanding control unit that covers the pilot, blocking their view and clamping down on their two joysticks, preventing the pilot from moving them.

During the fight against the Ninth Angel, Evangelion Unit-01 was outfitted with the dummy system as a backup pilot. When Shinji refused to fight, the system was activated destroying the angel and severely injuring its pilot.

Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo[]

While not explicitly stated, many Evangelion units operated by NERV are autonomous which suggests that they use a dummy plug system or equivalent technology in order to function.

Evangelion Mark.06 was said to have been made autonomous, presumably with the dummy system, though that is later revealed to have been a lie.