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Dr. Katsuragi

Dr. Katsuragi with his daughter Misato.

Dr. Katsuragi is Misato Katsuragi's father. His first name is never stated in the anime and he appears only during a flashback sequence in Episode 12. He is wounded and dies during the Second Impact, but survives long enough to ensure that Misato escapes safely via an escape pod. He is also stated to have developed the Super Solenoid theory, after which the S² Engine is named.

Character and RelationshipsEdit

According to Misato, her father was very focused on his work, rarely showing concern for others. Later, she would go on to have a relationship with Ryoji Kaji who is described as being just like Dr. Katsuragi.

In Rebuild of EvangelionEdit

Dr. Katsuragi (Rebuild)

Dr. Katsuragi gives Misato her pendant.

In the Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance movie, he briefly appeared dying in front of Misato's eyes, after he gave her the pendant she usually wears.

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