Diemay Angel is a large monstrous white winged Angel designed by Satou "Diemay" Daimei of Tokyo, a fan who won a contest wherein original Angel designs were submitted to Gainax by viewers. The favored submission would appear in an original illustration by Yoh Yoshinari in the March 1996 issue of Animage. This Angel has not appeared in any other media as of yet.


Diemay's sketch includes the following notes:

  • Angel's height: 100 m
  • The Core is on its forehead.
  • The projection on the forehead is the Angel's "Charm Point".
  • The first pair of arms contain "Deutron Rifles", which are, according to Diemay, "more powerful than the Positron Rifles of the Evangelion".
  • The second pair bear claws of some sort.


  • Diemay Angel looks similar to the Glamor as seen in Bayonetta 2 by SEGA and Platinum Games.