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Central Dogma is the codename for the primary subsection of the NERV Headquarters building complex. NERV's primary Command Center room is located inside, though there is also a backup command center located several levels down. The Magi supercomputers are housed in Central Dogma.

A map of level B-20 of Central Dogma

Misato, Ritsuko, Kaji, and the technicians at the Command Center in Central Dogma during the battle against Israfel


  • In real life, the Central Dogma of molecular biology deals with the transfer of DNA information within a cell: DNA is transcribed into RNA, which is in turn translated (at ribosomes) into amino acid sequences that construct proteins, which are the main structural constituent of living cells. Put more simply, "DNA to RNA to Proteins".[1]
  1. In order to prevent the Angel from invading the lower regions of NERV headquarters, Gendo completely physically seals off the region in the Central Dogma below the Sigma Unit. The pyramid-shaped building standing in the Geo-front is but a small part of the NERV Headquarters. Stretching directly below the square lake adjoining the pyramid-shaped building is an incredibly deep facility going down approximately 7km. The majority of this incredibly deep facility is called the Central Dogma and the Sigma Unit is a part of it. Incidentally, the name Central Dogma came from biology. Genetic information is transferred DNA=>RNA=>protein, and this flow of genetic information is called the central dogma.- Platinum Episode Commentaries
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