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Barachiel (バラキエル, Barakieru?) (Hebrew: בַּרַכְאֵל) is an Angel that is original to the Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The NERV White Paper RPG game.


Baraqijal Card

A color card of Barachiel provided with the game.

Barachiel bears some similarity to a large bacteria, with a yellow liquid membrane around a dark central sphere with many long internal spines going from the core to the outer edge of the membrane. What appears to be its core exists at its exact center. The only artwork of the Angel implies it is larger than some buildings, being clearly visible from Unit-01 from afar. In the scenario in which it appears, it is shown to move around by rolling and to be amphibious regularly diving into Lake Ashinoko both to avoid attack and to refill its own reserves of water. It’s primary attack is to convert the water it has absorbed into acid which is contained in its body by its A.T. Field and then sprayed out in a concentrated stream. If it’s acid reserves should run out or should it’s acid be neutralized by an alkaline solution the Angel will make its spines protrude from its skin like a sea urchin before attempting to crush its enemy by rolling over them.


Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The NERV White Paper[]

It first appears in Tokyo-3, where, when attacked by Evangelions, it opens its A. T. Field to release a liquid that works as an acid. Depending of the "EVA Manipulation" each player has, the Evangelion will suffer the effects of the acid until rinsed it off, showcasing its strong effect.

When enough acid is released, Barachiel will sink into the depths of Lake Ashinoko, without showing any activity. Ritsuko discovers that its presence in the lake can alter the pH of the water, making it more acidic, she estimates that it will resumes its activity on October 30, 2015 by examining the water. [1]

Upon discussing with Marie Vincennes, a new plan is created to defeat the Angel: They have to create a pitfall in the middle of Tokyo-3, lure the Angel inside it and use an Evangelion to make sure it is trapped there, then use another Evangelion to neutralize its A.T. Field while fitted with D-Type Equipment to protect it from the acid. And using an injector to insert alkaline water to turn the acid into neutral water inside the body of the Angel, then use the Evangelions to fight against it. Misato decided to use another place attacked by an Angel before, preparing it to be acid resistant and Ritsuko and Maya did research the alkaline solution and the new weapon to be used. [2]

On 30 October 2015, Barachiel resumes its activities. Due to the terrorists attacks on the external power supply stations, external power isn't possible. With the help of Dr. Vincennes, new external batteries for the Evangelions were developed, giving more 5 minutes of energy in addition to the 5 minutes it already have. The operation must be completed in less than 10 minutes. If the players defeats the Angel within the conditions set by the game, they win the game, discovering who was behind the terrorist attacks. [3]


  • In the artwork of the card, it was written Baraqijal, a strange romanization of バラキエル.
  • The name is derived from the Angel BarachielWP, he is one of the Archangels in Judaism, as well as Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox tradition.