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Eva in bakelite

Unit-01 trapped in Bakelite.

Bakelite is a fast-setting red-colored phenol resin, which, after being released in liquid state, quickly hardens in a similar fashion to that of quick drying concrete. Bakelite is deployed inside of NERV HQ in the event that an Evangelion breaks loose and needs to be quickly restrained. Also, part of NERV HQ's defensive system is to flood presumably most or possibly all access corridors with bakelite, as means of cutting off the advance of an approaching enemy. It is used to block entire passage ways in an effort to stop the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force troop movements inside NERV Headquarters as can be seen in The End of Evangelion.

After Adam was reduced to an embryonic state, the embryo was encased in bakelite in order to freeze it and make it easy and safe to transport.


  • Bakelite is actually a real-life substance; however, real bakelite doesn't have the properties that "bakelite" does in the series. Bakelite is a brand-name material developed in 1909 by Dr. Leo Baekeland. Although seldom used in consumer products today due to its high cost and complexity of production, its non-conductive and heat-resistant properties (and durability), made it an ideal material for electric plugs, switches, and even kitchenware. Real bakelite is "cured" from its liquid precursor under heat and pressure, and in its pure form is very brittle. Bakelite in the series is poured and sets at room temperature and has a tensile strength great enough to hold an Evangelion in place when it has dried.
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