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Armaros (アルマロス[?]) is an Evangelion unit appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA Novel.


Armaros is a mysterious black Evangelion which appeared on Mare Crisium on the Moon shortly after the defeats of Angel Carrier Type-1 and Angel Carrier Type-2 at the hands of Super Evangelion and Evangelion Unit-02 Type II respectively. Transforming the Spear of Longinus into the Sphere of Longinus. Amaros is extremely dangerous and more formidable than any Evangelion met previously (as per the ANIMA storyline): possessing a Spear of Longinus, and a Sphere of Longinus, along with commanding and remotely powering multiple SEELE Evangelion Units independently (Angel Carrier Type-1, Angel Carrier Type-2, Torwart, Victor, and Torwarta1) along with multiple NERV produced units (S.EVA in later versions, and EVA0.0[Quatre]) via QR Signum simultaneously. It is later shown to be able to safely wield the bow Azumaterasu after taking it from Super Eva, an especially dangerous weapon as the bow can destroy large chunks of the moon in a single shot and normally turns it’s wielder into a pillar of salt after each use but which has no effect on Armaros. It declares it's desire to see the destruction of humanity as revenge for the failed Human Instrumentality Project (see notes for the exact quote). This however is only presumed as Armaros continued to transmit power to the Q.R. Signum taken by NERV JAPAN from the destroyed Angel Carrier and integrated into S.EVA to replace it's core despite NERV being it's enemy. However it is later revealed by Noah that Armaros is nothing but a fail safe left behind by the First Ancestral Race with no true will of its own hence why it never thought to cut the power to its Signum Plates. As it turns out Armaros was designed to step in and reset the world via the data stored in the Ark should instrumentality fail to happen by the appointed time. In truth its humanoid form is merely a manifestation of the extra dimensional world-tree that connects the Earth, Moon, and Eden any one of which it can teleport to at will. Furthermore under normal circumstances even if its humanoid form is destroyed Armaros will simply take over the body of its slayer and then merge it with its true world tree form.

Because of Armaros' increasingly impressive apparently autonomous command and combat abilities, and the fact the Sphere of Longinus floats behind the Eva's head (akin to Orthodox Christian depictions of Jesus Christ) characters refer to Armaros as The God of Evangelion .


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

Armaros appears on the Moon shortly after Asuka Langley Sohryu in Evangelion Unit-02 Type II kills Angel Carrier Type-2, during her mission of return to old NERV (in GeoFront) from NERV's mobile HQ in the Morroccan Desert. Asuka pierces the Angel Carrier with the original Spear of Longinus in an attempt to destroy it, what she doesn't realize however is that by stabbing Angel Carrier in it's stomach actually allowed the Angel Carrier to make a Pocket Dimension (similar to a tube, thanks to all sphere carrying Angel Carriers inheriting the power of Leliel) in which Armaros then pulls the Spear out of Unit-02 II's hands from the Angel Carriers wound and into it, creating the Sphere of Longinus (the thin gold circle sitting behind it's head but infront of it's backpack, see Gallery.)

Upon being discovered, Misato Katsuragi names the unknown unit "Armaros", as though it were an Angel, hoping to distinguish it from S.EVA; NERV then drafts plans to attack Armaros but this takes some time before actually occurring: it sent Torwart and Victor in the meantime to destroy Super Evangelion and bring Amaros the Eva's core, The SEELE Eva succeed at significantly damaging S.Eva and taking it's core however Torwort is destroyed in the process along with Super Evangelion regenerating itself and utilizing QR Signum in the place of a traditional 'core', is modified further, for the coming fight on the Moon.

When Shinji, Asuka Langley Sohryu, Rei Cinq, Rei Quatre, and Rei Six deploy to the moon for battle Armaros is shown to easily handle all the pilots except for Shinji (who, even then, is severely injured in the process): he nearly kills Asuka with ease despite her piloting the Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica, and destroys Rei Six in the Evangelion Unit-0.0[Six] taking no damage soon afterwards it tears Evangelion Unit-0.0[Cinq] apart by sucking it into his Sphere of Longinus and allows Quatre and Six to escape due to seeing potential uses for them. After losing most of his friends, Shinji finds the strength to dissolve into his S.EVA and is able to damage Armaros; this leads Armaros to reach it's second form and attempt mind contamination of Hikari Horaki who had previously rescued Rei Six and Asuka; The full extent of Armaros' capabilities are unknown at this time but he is still incredibly powerful and not to be taken lightly. After the moon battle Shinji, Asuka, with Rei Six and Rei Quatre endeavor to discover their new powers for better or worse, the will to truly defeat Armaros, and means to prevent Fourth Impact.


The design for the helmet, particularly the horn, of Armaros is derived from early designs for Evangelion Unit-01 by Yamashita. Evangelion Mark.06 in the theatrical movie series possess a similar horn to Armaros and according to Yamashita, he asked Hideaki Anno to use it to develop Armaros design further.


  • When NERV attempts to scrum and intercept any concrete information on Armaros (from SEELE) it comes up completely blank (similar to the Marduk Institute in the original series) this implies the EVA is potentially brand new, or a SEELE trump card not even Gendo Ikari could predict.
  • Upon rising from the moon Armaros declares "I will destroy humanity after Human Instrumentality fails" (Seven Seas Entertainment translation)


  • The name "Armaros" means "cursed one" / "accursed one" or ''Fallen Angel". Armârôs was one of the leaders of a group of 200 fallen angels in the Book of Enoch. It was named by Misato as this to avoid comparisons with NERV's Evangelions (particularly S.EVA) due to specifically it's frightening similarity compared to the other SEELE Evangelions.
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