Ark in Valley of Human Bodies

Ark (箱舟[?]) is an object that appears in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA.


It looks like a dark glass structure, one part is located in the near side of the Moon and the other is located in the Valley of Human Bodies. Attempting to reach or touch it, causes people to turn into salt.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

"Our purpose is to set the stage for the test. Ordinarily the instrumentality Project would require hundreds of thousands of years form start to finish, but this planetary mechanism reduces the time to reset the test to 4400 years."

This mechanism contains the records of every living creature and human being that walked the previous Earth up until 2,400 B.C.

When this structure is opened in a new world purified by the Great Flood, the preparations for the Instrumentality Project will begin anew"

"This Ark administers all that data"

"Birds can transcend time and space. They'll cross the vast distance to the new constructed world."

"The Earth and Moon are two as one, breathing in and out in turn. This Moon was the previous Earth, and your Earth was its Moon. Now they will trade roles again, and your Earth will give itself over to the Moon."

"Sentient beings shall not touch the Ark [1]

Armaros in the Valley of Human Bodies sank back with the other part of the Ark, dragging it down back into the rocks, taking it away from the knowledge of humanity, making the repelling force on humans to be gone too. Being near the place it once was, made no one turn into salt anymore. Kensuke Aida parted ways with Misato Katsuragi and delivered her a case containing a thing called Orichalcum. Kensuke believes that it protected him from being fully turned into salt, but when he analyzed it, it was just an ordinary piece of lead. He quickly left her and disappeared in the dusty cloud. [2]

It appeared later in the Yomotsu Hirasaka Island, and it was spawning countless different life forms of it. [3]


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