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Evangelion Unit-Null (無号機[?], "Mugōki", lit. "Unit Null") is an Evangelion appearing in the Evangelion: Another Impact (Confidential) short. Its pilot is unknown as it becomes berserk soon after the beginning of the test of the unit.


Another Number - Unit Null (Another No.=無号機[?], "Anazā Nanbā Mugōki") is a Evangelion built in complete secrecy. Every detail about its purpose and its specifics is unknown.

Unit-Null's armor is very reminiscent of Unit-01's. The structure of the armor, same for the helmet, is almost identical. The helmet has one antenna on each side and no visible eye-holes or sensors. The mouth piece is an arrangement of sharp teeth which are still visible while the mouth is closed. The overall color scheme of the unit is a very dark purple with orange details as well as glowing blue details all over the body.


Evangelion: Another Impact (Confidential)

The unit is being tested, when it suddenly goes berserk. It is launched to avoid damages in the underground base.

It starts walking freely in a desolate city, presumably Tokyo-3, before being attacked. Upon destroying its attackers, it hears the voice of a girl. It starts running across the city towards the voice, finally crashing through a building, causing it to collapse on top of the Eva. Rising from the debris, the girl appears to be in its hand, staring up at it with eyes of red. It howls at the sky as the camera shows the audience a near-completely submerged and destroyed world.