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Angel Carrier Type-2 (エンジェルキャリヤー[?]) is a mysterious being that appears in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA.


This unit has been developed from what was left of the Mass Production Evangelion units captured after the battle at NERV HQ and somehow went later missing. As such, it is essentially the same unit in appearance save for a more bulky armor, shoulder pylons and a visible, empty rib cage. Unlike Angel Carrier Type-1, the red and black sigil isn't located in the chest, but instead in the two shoulder pylons, having one more than the previous Angel Carrier.


Its armament is fairly simple as it only consists of a Sasumata-shaped weapon. It also has access to a cocoon-like container stored inside its rib cage. This cocoon contains a part of an Angel and allows for the use of the ability that Angel possessed.

It also does have a massive invisible power shield, using it as in both defensive and offensive when needed.

Contrary to its predecessor, it isn't powered by an S² Engine but uses a mysterious, scaly engine called "QR Signum" which is spread on its body (more precisely inside the shoulder pylons, the forearms and the thighs). This engine receives continuous power from the mysterious Evangelion, Armaros.


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