Angel-sealing hex pillars (使徒封印用呪詛柱[?], "Shito Fūin-yō Jusochū") are devices which use Angel-Sealing Hexes to control and suppress angels and their contamination in Rebuild of Evangelion film series.


Angel-Sealing Hex Glyphs

Angel-sealing hex glyphs from the Evangelion 2.0 Complete Records Collection.

Angel Sealing Hexes are square glyphs made up of various straight lines, wavy lines and dots used in tandem to form a series of symbols. In total, there seem to be 88 unique symbols however they are seemingly used at random suggesting the patterns of the symbols means less than the symbols themselves.

Angel-Sealing Hex Pillars

Being used to seal angels and their contamination, the Angel-Sealing Hex Pillars are used in a wide varity of ways, both defensively to contain and offensively to actively cleanse.

Angel-sealing hex pillar before activation.

In terms of appearance, the pillars are tall and pill shaped with curved. Their bodies are lined with extremely small tiles each showing an angel-sealing hex glyph. These glyphs which are either red or black. The pillars also have two indents which wrap around their circumference, giving them the appearance that they are made up of three sections. In order to function, the pillars must first be activated. When inactive, the body of the pillars are collapsed, with a squared black tower protruding from the dome on their top. The pillars are also entirely dark, lacking any red patterning.

Angel-sealing hex pillar expanding during its activation

Upon their activation, many of the squares on the body light up a vibrant red and the pillar stretch out completely covering the squared black tower. The red lines form many defined rectangle patterns which loop around the pillar and offset from each other moving down its body. The luminescence, shape and quantity of these patterns varies from pillar to pillar with more active pillars having more brighter rectangles and less maintained ones having fewer, duller patterns with more black space suggesting that over time pillars deactivate or lose potency.

There isn't a defined size for pillars, while some are identical in size, they can vary from several inches to hundreds of feet tall. It is reasonable to assume the size has some impact on the functionality, whether that be their potency, range or both, however no differences are specifically stated. The pillars are often used in groups, however they also appear to function on their own. There isn't any clear benefit to using multiple.


Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance

Angel-sealing hexes and hex-pillars make their first appearance in Bethany Base where they are used liberally throughout the facility. In the main command center, angel-sealing hexes line the floors and in the basement multiple angel-sealing hex pillars can be seen scattered through. In addition to the pillars within the base, the entire perimeter is surrounded with a ring of massive pillars. Since the Third Angel was being held in and experimented on in this base, the pillars were likely used to subdue the angel allowing for the experimentation. Despite these protections, the angel was able to escape and run rampant showing that not even an abundance of these hexes is enough to completely incapacitate an angel.

Small angel-sealing hexes later appear as printed on the glass tube holding Rei Ayanami. The purpose of these are unclear. Angel-sealing hexes also appear on the IPEA holding cell for Evangelion Unit-02, potentially due to its connection to the angels or to protect the unit from angels.

Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

After Shinji Ikari awakens abroad the AAA Wunder, multiple relatively small angel-sealing hex pillars can be seen connected up to his recovery box. Since Evangelion Unit-01 was core-ified when Shinji was removed from it, it is likely they were placed there to aid or allow for the process of removing him from the unit.

Later, a massive angel-sealing hex pillar can be seen tied down to the deck of a WILLE battleship. Since it was shown with glowing red angel-sealing hexes, the pillar was likely actively protecting the WILLE fleet from the worlds contamination. During the Evangelion Mark.04Cs attack on the Wunder, this ship is sunk and the pillar was presumably lost in the ocean.

After this battle, a close up shot of Asuka's eye patch reveals a blue glow coming from behind it and when closely inspected, shows an angel-sealing hex implying her contamination by the Ninth Angel had a lasting effect.

Upon arriving at NERV, a new logo can be seen printed across the base. While modernized in many ways, the new logo also includes a series of angel-sealing hexes in place of the English text from the previous logo. While there are four hexes suggesting the hexes could be stand ins for letters as a sort of coded language, no other evidence substantiates this idea.

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

The Paris Assault Mission revolves around the activation of an angel-sealing hex pillar in order to restore Euro-NERV Paris. This battle is the first occurrence of an inactive pillar and shows that the activation process is relatively involved considering it required action from both WILLE staff and the Magi Achiral.

Village 3 is shown making extensive use of angel-sealing hex pillars all across its perimeters. While the pillars visibly restored the earth around the village making it hospitable, they also serve a second purpose of keeping the wandering Failures of Infinity away. In addition to the pillars within their boarders, Village-3 also has a testing site, presumably for running various tests though the specifics are unclear.

The final appearance of a sealing pillar is during Operation Yamato when Asuka extracts it from her eye in order to unleash the ninth angel held within her. This pillar is by far the smallest being no more than a few inches long which suggests the size of the pillar isn't the only determinant factor in its efficacy, with proximity also likely being important as a single tiny pillar alone was able to seal an angel.