Sachiel's A.T. Field

The Absolute Terror Field (also known as A.T. Field (A.T. フィールド[?], "A.T. Fīrudo")) is a barrier that both Angels and Evangelions can generate to protect themselves. A.T. Fields typically take the shape of an octagon and are usually orange in color. The strength of A.T. Fields produced varies between Angels; for example, the Angels Zeruel and Ramiel possess extremely powerful A.T. Fields, while Matarael's A.T. Field was very weak. The strength of Evangelion units' A.T. Fields depends upon the synchronization level of the pilot, and the strength setting used at the time. Eva pilots can control the strength of the A.T. Field from their entry plug.


Zeruel AT field

Zeruel's A.T. Field sliced by Unit-01

A.T. Fields are normally invisible barriers but become visible to the naked eye when colliding with other things. They are mainly used as an almost impenetrable shield; only the most powerful weapons are capable of breaching them. And even then, damage to the Angel is generally minimal. Through most of the series, the only thing that can reliably penetrate an A.T. Field is another A.T. Field, as seen in Episode 02 when the Evangelion Unit-01 "corrodes" Sachiel's A.T. Field.

The Lance of Longinus, an ancient, extraterrestrial weapon, as well as its duplicates, is able to penetrate any A.T. Field, no matter how strong it is.

Some Angels are sophisticated enough to use A.T. Fields as a method of attack or movement. Sachiel, Israfel and Bardiel can be seen making jumps assisted by their A.T. Fields, while Sahaquiel and Zeruel use theirs to attack, with Sahaquiel using it to destroy satellites and Zeruel in the Rebuild to shove attackers away.

It is revealed later in the series that every living thing possesses an A.T. Field: Angels and Evangelions just have A.T. Fields so strong that they are easily detectable and can even stop physical attacks.

"This is the light of my soul. A sacred territory in which no one may intrude. Aren't you Lilin even aware that your AT field is merely that wall that encloses every mind that exists?" - Kaworu in Episode 24


Fourth Angel's AT Field

The Fourth Angel deploys its A.T. Field to stop Unit-01

Eva-01 Geometric (Rebuild)

Geometric A.T. Field

The A.T. Fields appear usually as octagonal or hexagonal fields. They are often orange, though pastel purple and red ones have also been used. Rather than traditional force-fields, A.T. Fields appear to behave more like membranes that twist and tear as they are penetrated.

Rebuild of EvangelionEdit

In the Rebuilds, the A.T. Fields present all of the same properties so far, and are once again used as weapons by the Evas.

In Evangelion 2.0 during the battle with Zeruel, the awakened Unit-01 turns its A.T. Field into a beam shot from its eyes.

In the same battle with Zeruel, Unit-01 creates an artificial arm with its A.T. Field, and uses it as a weapon, taking the form of a ring of geometric shapes which blast the Angel back.

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