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AAA Wunder

The AAA Wunder (Autonomous Assault Ark Wunder) (AAAヴンダー), is WILLE's main aerial battleship in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. It is a giant, winged, flying ship that serves as main base of operations to Captain Misato Katsuragi and her crew. "Wunder" is pronounced "Vuhn-der".

The AAA Wunder is equipped with a containment chamber to hold an Evangelion as a power source. However, it is evident that Eva-02 and Eva-08 were deemed unsuitable for this purpose (perhaps since they have not awakened), and a mission was undertaken to retrieve Unit-01 from orbit and use it instead. After Shinji and Evangelion Unit-01 are retrieved, the Eva Unit is used as the ship's main engine and power generator, allowing the airship to fly, and making Eva-01 as the Wunder's Master. Strangely, the wings generate a blood-like substance when damaged, suggesting that it is biological in nature. When it is attempting to fly, the entire fleet of battleships are brought into the air along with it thanks to its A.T. Field. the Wunder later gains two Halos. The shape of the A.T. Field generated seems to be malleable as seen during the battle against Evangelion 13 where the latter is sealed inside it.

It is important to note that during battle the command bridge rises up and is screwed into the ceiling much the same way an Evangelion Entry Plug is inserted into the back of a particular unit. After which point the bridge is flooded with LCL through gas system, charged, and connected to some unknown biological component that is a part of AAA Wunder.

Like the former NERV HQ, the Wunder is run by a Magi system called the Magi Achiral.

The airship is attacked twice during the movie. The first time, it is attacked by the Nemesis Series, which Misato uses to demonstrate the power of the Wunder now that it has an Eva to power it and destroys them. The second time, it rams Evangelion 13 in order to seal it before Fourth Impact gets worse, only for Evangelion Mark.09 to attack the Wunder and destroy several of its cannons. Mark.09 then attempts to take control of the vessel, being the "Wunder's Original Master". Upon Mark 09's death, Misato and her crew regains control of the Wunder.

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Nekozame-class orbital assault craft is the name of the machine used to board the Wunder by WILLE[1]

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In Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, it was revealed that the original designation for the AAA Wunder was NHG Buβe (NHG)-***1) (NHG ヴーセ), suggesting that the Wunder is originally stolen from NERV , and explains why Ritsuko refers Mark 09 as the Wunder's original Master since all NHG airships have an Evangelion as its Master, and hence NERV has created Mark 09A to attempt another retrieval of the Wunder. This also explains why the AAA Wunder bears a similar appearance as other NHG series airships except that Misato decides to repaint and dismantle it into its current colour scheme and design.

The AAA Wunder is revealed to be an incomplete product of the NHG Series airship, hence its more simplified configurations.

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  • The term 'Achiral' originates from chemistry, mathematics and physics. It is used to name objects that are identical to their mirror image.
  • "Wunder" is the German word for "miracle".
  • The bridge of the Wunder bears a resemblance to Mark.09's second head.
  • The Wunder and its introductory scenes draw heavily from the Universal Battleship New-Nautilus in Anno's previous work Nadia: Secret of Blue Water. Shirō Sagisu's score from the Nadia soundtrack was adapted and used for Wunder's launch and first battle.
  • 'Buβe' means 'Penance' in German.