α-TYPE-EVA000 (α-TYPE-EVA000[?]) is an Evangelion Unit that appears in the first draft of the Episode:24, called The Final Angel, written by scriptwriter Akio Satsukawa. This Evangelion was revealed in a JUNE magazine separate issue September 1996, released in September 01, 1996.[1]


It is described as being a humanoid weapon, with the height of about 5 meters. It is piloted using the Dummy System. When it identified the Angel threat, it was described to attack without any caveat towards Rei, trying to destroy the Angel in a bestial manner, even devouring it,


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Kōzō Fuyutsuki and Gendo Ikari watches the new Evangelion unit as they talk about the Human Instrumentality Project, Gendo says it is the new prototype Evangelion, specifically made for it. Fuyutsuki tells Gendo that Ritsuko Akagi is still looking for a new pilot candidate. Gendo tells him to let her continue, since Project E isn't complete and according to SEELE script, there is one Angel remaining.[2]

Days later, Kaworu Nagisa heads torward Central Dogma using Ritsuko's security card, even when Ritsuko calls him, se says he is sorry and an A.T. Field is detected, Kaworu being the one. He changes shape into an Angel with a visible Core, and when a laser attack is sighted on him, his A.T. Field deflects it. Kaworu continues his path to the Central Dogma without being stopped by common weapons. NERV prepare the launch of the Unit-02, but Asuka can't get the numbers to launch it.

Gendo and Fuyutsuki enters the command center and Gendo relieves Ritsuko from her position and assumes command. He orders the standby of Unit-01 and order the activation of α EVA.

α EVA is in the Evangelion cage and the Dummy Plug is loaded in. Kaworu encounters Rei and they talk, Kaworu says that they sent an Evangelion after him, and Rei tells him that it isn't Unit-01 or Unit-02. They leave the room together, with him dragging her by her hand. The α EVA upon sight of the Angel, attacks like a beast but Kaworu dodges all attacks, α EVA crashes into a wall and crumbles it. Cornered by the rubble, α EVA swallows both Rei and Kaworu together. At this point Unit-01 appears.

Unit-01 skewers α EVA with the progressive knife and cuts it open, killing it saving Rei from inside it.